Allow pooling of available credit (Credit cards & Lines of Credit)

If I have a line of credit for 10k, and I also have a credit card with a 10k limit, then BECU has clearly seen that I'm a good credit risk for up to 20k in debt.  I would like a feature where I could transfer my available credit from my line of credit to my credit card or vice versa... 

Meaning, allow me to have a total of up to 20k in either but not both.  So if I'm not using my credit card, but I'm using my Line of Credit, I can extend it by the amount of available credit on my credit card (and just lower the available credit limit on the card).  Like a slider that lets me be in charge of where and how the credit is made available. 

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Hey @kenmizell, thanks for joining the MIX and sharing your idea!