Allow customers to pay ahead on their car loans

currently if you have a car loan, you can pay your regular payment within 10 days of the due date.  I would really like it if I could make payments outside of the 10 day window, and be allowed to pay ahead.



Community Manager

Good morning @SomeguyYou’re right, and we understand the confusion and frustration that 12-day constraint can cause. We're at the mercy of our core processing system, which controls how payments are applied when. It’s not an easy or quick fix (unfortunately), however we do have it on our radar as a pain point to solve for our members. Thanks for joining the MIX and sharing your voice here! If you have any questions, please let me know. JohnS


I have the same issue.  I paid my auto-loan more than 10 days in advance and ended up with late charges.  This seem predatory to me. I pay on time but incur late fees? Sounds like a Bank of America type of move to me.  This is a bug please fix it and follow standard principal payment standards.  e.g. make more than one payment in a billing cycle or overpay during that cycle.  

Community Manager

Hi @jarbot, I'm sorry you incurred fees for paying your loan early, that's definitely frustrating and we'd be happy to review your loan and see what we can do to help with the fee. If you haven't already, please give us a call at 800-233-2328, so that a rep can pull up your account details and get this sorted out.


We know the current payment experience isn't as good as it could be and we're working to make changes to improve this for our members. We recently added fields for "Minimum Payment Due" and "Due Date" for all BECU loan types (except mortgages payments) and we'll continue to update the community as we make progress in this area. JohnS


Good evening @JohnS,


It's been a while since your update on the 12 day constraint mentioned in your comment on 11-16-2017. Has there been any progress on implementing a change?

Community Manager

@Someguy Unfortunately, I don't have any updates on this right now. Rest assured, as soon as I have more information I will share with the group. Have a great day! JohnS