Advertise/Incorporate this website in the BECU App/Facebook/Twitter

Website seems rather dead.

New ideas are contributed but not getting a lot of "upvotes" or "likes".

Doesn't help when people come to pitch ideas but the greater community doesn't see the ideas or vote for them.


Incoporating this website into the app might allow people to browse on the downtime/in the restroom/waiting at the DMV/whatever.

Advertising on FB/Twitter/Instagram will remind people to check the page out periodically.

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@rsjang91 We've been testing content using our social channels on initiatives the credit union is working on and we plan on doing more of that in the future. We're also looking to embed a link to the community on the BECU website for better visibility, so stay tuned for more on that!  You also bring up a good point around promotion of new ideas. Perhaps this is something we could test as part of future social campaigns to bring attention to new ideas posted in the community. More to come for sure! JohnS



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@rsjang91- Thanks for sharing your feedback, nobody likes or visits a "dead" website, that's for sure. We've got some great content (and a contest!) planned around our upcoming 1-year milestone of the MIX, which will also be accompanied by social promotion, so I am glad to hear that resonates and that social ads are helpful reminders.


We're also currently working on some design enhancements which are intended to highlight ideas and feature content directly on the homepage, so we're excited about that new look coming this summer. If we get the chance, I'll be sure to preview it for the community! 


And yes, we agree with you- we love that so many members have come to share their ideas and suggestions, but what we really need for this community to thrive and let us know what's important, is those comments, upvotes and likes on ideas and conversations! We're open to your ideas and suggestions for what you would do to engage and encourage others in the community to be more involved. 


Thanks for being a contributing MIX member, we appreciate your candor, feedback and care for the MIX community! Cheers, KristinA 


I have to agree, I just joined today and struggled to find it on the BECU website. I love that this forum exists and have long wondered how to share ideas and see "what's up" at BECU. May I suggest a paragraph and link in the Members Matter page near the top of Community Involvement?


As this is a way to be involved in the BECU community, that is the first place I looked.

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@Jhavener- Thanks for your perseverance in finding our MIX community, I'm so glad you're here and contributing your ideas! Thanks also for your feedback and suggestion on our website placement; I'm happy to share that just recently we were provided space in exactly where you thought we should be, on the Members Matter page. Here are the links in case you want to check it out! 


About Membership- Members Matter



Cheers, KristinA 

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