Adult Fiscal Responsibility Classes

I have seen several opportunities for teens to access budgeting and financial responsibility class but not for adults as much.  Classes specifically geared toward two groups of members would be important. 


First, for recent college grads who now have the debt burden of post-secondary education loans and a new job in their field.  These members often have a much greater income than they have earned prior to using their degree to gain employment and are enticed by ideas for getting a nicer car, larger place to live, and some of the material goods they haven't been able to afford in the past.  They are also faced with loan payments and responsibilities with which they have not dealt in the past. 


Second, for recent immigrants who have lived in cultures where they are paid daily or weekly, lived a hand-to-mouth existence, and have not had to deal with the system of financial responsibility like we have in the US.  These members are often easily swayed by offers of credit and low monthly payment offers because the cultures from which they come do not offer these sorts of financial options to them.  These members need information on how to compare prices, interest rates, and payment options as well as how to set up automatic deposits and payments. 


I think this is a great idea. As an adult with responsible finances, I still would be interested in taking classes like this so I could be better versed in finances. I swear, and this is embarrassing to admit, I probably couldn't give a coherent explanation of compound interest! I pay all my bills on time and have savings, but I'd like to be more comfortable with all the terminology of finance.

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@smities- Thank you for these thoughtful and insightful ideas! In talking with our Financial Education area I learned that we are actively looking into additional classes, programs and services that can help all of our members build financial resilience, especially the more vulnerable groups you mention. Knowledge is power, and we want to help! Cheers, KristinA

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Hi @smities. We do have a library of seminars and webinars on our website that you can schedule based on what works best with your schedule; you can find those here. We also have a few self-paced courses available here. As we continue to add to and expand this library, we'll keep you posted here. Have a great day! JohnS