Additional 2-Factor Authentication Options

Hello, with cyber security attacks becoming increasingly prevalent we need more options for 2-factor Authentication. For most people, SMS doesn't give us the peace of mind anymore. It is great that you have that more than anything else but someone recently tried to login to my account and if they were able to spoof my phone number it would have been bad for me.


Recommendations are hardware keys such as Yubikey which is becoming increasingly popular. 


100% agree, you need to support TOTP based solutions like google authenticator, microsoft authenticator, etc. 


bump for two factor authentication, either google or ms.  i joined just to request after googling how to enable 2 factor authentication on becu.


It has been 2 years since the OP's comment was posted and it's still under review. The current 2FA implementation on the website is intermittent. That is not sufficient to provide even a basic level of protection beyond the username/password.


I would like to see the 2 step log-in process. Even with a great password I don't feel as safe anymore. I'd like to get a text message every time I sign in, with a unique pass code each time.


+1 for two factor authentication, while keeping it an "opt in" choice for the user. The SMS security is about at the limit of my 79 year old mother, anything beyond that if enforced would cause her to throw in the towel for online banking. Otherwise, Authy, Duo, and Google Authenticator have my vote, with hardware options such as Yubikey for the more tech saavy. I use 2FA wherever available, and the applications which provide this functionality have come a long way in making it easy for the user to set up.