Add Current Balance to Credit Card Payment Drop Down Menu

Would you please add a current balance option to the credit card payment drop down menu? I normally pay off the balance on my credit card each month and I have to manually type in the amount. I know it is a small thing but it is very annoying, and lmost all other credit cards have this option. 

Community Manager
Status changed to: On the Radar

Hi @Lori28 welcome to the community and thanks for sharing! This is something we have on our radar as future enhancements for online and mobile banking. We'll update the community when we have more details to share! Have a great weekend! JohnS


I second this. Being able to pay the current balance is the only option I would actually want to use. It should be easy to add. The page already tells you what your current balance is. Making it so auto-pay happens is just one extra step that saves many many hours and would encourage people to use their credit cards more for building credit. 


@JohnS Any updates on this?

Community Manager

Hi @Pangamma, we continue to focus on improving loan payments in Online Banking. Recently, our team added Minimum Payment Due and Due Dates fields on the payments page and we're committed to making further improvements. While this update doesn't directly impact the suggestion of adding a "current balance " payment option, it’s the first step to making payments easier and more intuitive. I wish this was as easy as flipping a switch, because if it were, I'd be first in line to flip it! Stay tuned here as we'll continue to provide updates as we have them. Thanks for hanging in there with us! JohnS