Add ATM in Downtown Arlington!

I love banking with BECU, the only thing that I keep thinking would be even better is if BECU put a bank machine in downtown Arlington! Mobile banking has helped with the depositing a check issue, but to deposit cash or get cash it takes me 45 minutes round trip to run to the cash machine and back home. I would think there are enough people and a lot of business in downtown Arlington that a machine would be very popular in that area. 


I would like to add to this post... I serve on city council in Arlington and would like to say that this area near the historic section of town on Highway 9 is growing leaps and bounds. We have 82 new homes in city limits being built at SR 9 & 172nd, there are additional homes near there that are in county, but will be serviced by Arlington businesses, also at SR9 & 204th there will be several hundred new apartments opening up in Sept of this year. So we desperately need an ATM in this area to service the Arlington people who live in the city and near the city limits. 

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@deborakay Thanks for your suggestion! I've added this to our ATM Location Request list which is consistently reviewed by our ATM team. Some of the factors we evaluate for determining ATM locations are:

•  Cost/Benefit in relation to the overall membership
•  Existing member density and potential for future member growth
•  Proximity to our core market area


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Hi @deborakay! Wanted to update this idea and share a recent post with you. Read more about ATM/location requests here. JohnS