Adapting the prexisisting products to be more competitive in the CU banking market

I am a proud member of the BECU credit union and I have some easy to apply ideas that would make the current offerings more appealing in a very competitive and diverse market place. If you where to look at the credit card offerings that are available you will see that they are pretty much at three basic levels, Basic -- low interest and no rewards probably a higher limit involved, Then you have a Premium card with a higher interest rate and a rewards program and finally a debit card which does not offer the features and capabilities of the credit cards. I was wondering if it was possible to look into a travel rewards card ? What about some research into the visa signature / ultimate .. or Mastercard world and world elite. Becu can offer a credit card that is tailored around the customers banking needs or desires, Make the customer feel that the product is customized around them. For example in the market the appeal is around sign up bonuses and teired reward programs (I.E. 2x , 3x, ..x5) on classes of merchandise or merchant codes. I feel a might be ranting alittle so let me make my concepts short and simple, Make small changes to your lending products to go above and beyond and stand out in a diverse market place. 

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I like where your heads at @Natesel101! We recently surveyed the community on their top preferences for upcoming credit card enhancements; please take a moment to check out the results posted here. Our Product team is actively working on those digital enhancements, along with many of the ideas you've shared around an improved rewards program. We'll definitely share updates here first. Thanks JohnS

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Hey @Natesel101 I wanted to provide a quick update on your idea. We recently introduced new Visa rewards program. You can check out more details here and as always, please check back here for future product enhancements. Thanks! JohnS