Ability to export/download Money Manager spending, budgets, etc.

Currently the only thing downloadable is the transactions themselves. I'd like to be able to download the summary reports, for example, the Spending reports, as a JSON, spreadsheet, or .csv. I realize I could download all the transactions and regenerate the spending summaries in a spreadsheet, but...why should I have to?

The Money Manager tool is so promising, and so frustratingly close to useful...


I should add, while it's possible to select and copy the top-leven spending list, and paste it into a spreadsheet, this doesn't work if you expand to the next level of detail.

BECU Employee

 @JE- Thanks for sharing your feedback and experience with money manager. We see its promise too, so we appreciate you letting us know what would be valuable to you. Cheers, KristinA 


Regarding the inability to select and copy the next level of detail totals, the problem is that you can select them, but the minute the mouse button/trackpad comes up, it returns to the top-level list. I just found that if I keep holding, and don't let the button up, while simultaneously copying with they keyboard shortcut (CTRL-C), I can actually copy. Awkward, indeed, but not impossible, if that's helpful to anyone else.


My csv. downloads are capping out at 109 rows which is not nearly enough.  Is anyone experiencing the same limitation?


Note, I'm ready to cancel Quicken (it's a relic) if I can simply get full year downloads.

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@ski - Thanks for sharing and sorry that the csv. downloads are capping at 109 rows. This is definitely not normal and sounds like we may need to do further troubleshooting to see why this is happening for you. If you're able to give us a call, one of our Technical Support Analysts will be able to sort this out. Give us a ring at 800-233-2328. Thanks, JohnS