ATM options

Every BECU ATM I have seen asks if you want the money in $20 or the first as $100 and the rest as smaller bills. The second option always gives you only hundred dollar bills. 

My suggestion is there be three options

1) $20 bills maximum

2) 5 x $20s (for withdrawls of at least $100) and the rest as larger bills 

3) $100 only bills where possible.


The difference is if you ask for $400, you currently get either 4 x $100 bills or 20 x$20 bills, it owuld be nice top have an option that supplied, 3 x $100 and 5 x $20. 



I agree this would be a "small" improvement for an irritating problem. The irritation is that after withdrawing cash from the ATM I then need to find a bank or friendly store that will make change to aquire 1's, 5's and 10's. Better yet, perhaps the time has come to offer "live" tellers to serve this and similar needs. As it is I have had to open a "supplemental" bank account to get normal banking services AND to aquire a Master Card to join with my BECU Visa. Puzzled why BECU is unable to offer both. Why? For those of you who do much overseas travel, you have probably already discovered the importance of a backup.

I propose that we should be able to withdraw less than $20 from the ATM. $1's, $5's, & $10's
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Hi @jretych,


This totally makes sense! The good news is we've just begun a project that will allow members the ability to select their own bill mix for withdrawals - full control!  We are hoping to role this out later this year (Q4).

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Thanks for your idea, @jretych! We are working on bringing this feature to life. Check out the details here.

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@Chiviusa- We're working on this! Take a look here in the Inspired Ideas Brought to Life area. Cheers, KristinA


BECU ATM's can be more working-class friendly by offering currency with the faces of dead presidents in smaller denominations.



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Hey @veganarchafem We're on it! Check out some of the exciting enhancements coming to an ATM near you in 2017 here (including the possible debut of some of our favorite dead presidents). JohnS

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Hi @jretych We recently made some updates to the ATM software that allows you to customize how your cash is dispensed. While the change was intended to provide greater flexibility and customization, we’re learning this recent change has introduced a new perceived pain point, so we're actively sharing comments and experiences with our ATM partners to influence future enhancements. Thanks for sharing here!  JohnS