ATM location

How many members would like an ATM in Magnolia so we didnt always have to fight the bridge and traffic to get to one?

Community Manager

Good morning @cindy1020 and welcome to the community! There's not really a magic number of members when it comes to adding ATM machines. We look at many factors when adding new machines and we posted an article about it a while back. Please feel free to check out all the details here. In the meantime I've shared your request with our ATM operations team and I hope you can avoid the bridge traffic soon! Thanks! JohnS 

Community Manager
Status changed to: Further Consideration

I would like to see more ATM’s that take deposits located in Cental Area of Seattle. 711 is convenient for withdrawals, but there are no Shared Banking or ATM’s for deposits. (That I know of). The closest is on Rainer Ave. a busy street,with limited parking and is not safe after dark.

Community Manager

@Gowilli Thanks for sharing! I did a little digging and you're right, there's not a lot happening in the Rainier Valley area. I've shared this feedback with our ATM team and we'll let you know if any new ATM locations are in the works. Thanks!