I think we should be able to pay our bills through the ATM.  Currently we can do that online, but it would be nice to walk up to the ATM, stick in my card and automatically transfer money to other bank accounts and pay utility bills or credit card bills.   


I spent the last 7 years in Asia in Hong Kong.  It was possible there with the ATM's to pay your bills and even government taxes, traffic tickets, etc. with the ATM.  The technology is there.  Let's make it possible here in America!


I'm all for more capable ATMs.

Introductions of things like cash recognition and check scanning to deposits have made ATM banking so easy!


At the same time, I know of several locations that already have ATM line issues, and foresee this type of service expansion exacerbating those issues unless more ATMs are made available at problem locations to accommodate the additional time many users will spend at the machine.

BECU Employee

@fremast- We've recently added 8 new ATMs to our busier locations, and you can check out the new ATM functionality coming in the blog post here. Cheers, KristinA 

BECU Employee
Status changed to: Not Right For Us

@jesusprovides- I was able to check in with our ATM Ops area, and bill payment at the ATM is not in our future at this time.The lines are already long, and the primary function of an ATM is teller related, so adding more complex transactions that would require a high effort and are already supported in other ways like the mobile app and online banking, doesn't make sense for us right now. We want our ATM experience to be awesome, and adding complexity and wait time doesn't support that. 


We do have some great ATM enhancements coming, you can check out the blog post here. Cheers, KristinA



Glad to know of the enhancements that are coming.  The lines at the BECU ATMs have never seemed long to me, but then I am used to standing in lines for an ATM for 15 minutes sometimes in Asia.  Maybe at some point it may be reconsidered depending on the needs of the community. 

BECU Employee

@jesusprovides- Your perspective is valuable- wow, 15 minutes! Thanks for sharing about what the ATM lines can be like in Asia and for visiting the MIX community again. Cheers, KristinA