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24/7 'real' phone support

As a business owner, I need to be able to call in and get a real BECU employee 24/7.  The 'Card Security Services' offering is a joke.  Case in point - a client had a server die over the weekend.  No worries, it happens.  As I am their business IT provider, I whip out my trusty BECU Business Debit Card, go to purchase a replacement, and... declined.  No reason given.  I verify that my business account has enough to cover the purchase, plus a healthy surplus.  I contact the merchant (Amazon - a sketchy fly-by-night organization if I ever saw one), all they'll tell me is that it is a 'hard' decline, and I should contact my financial institution (hi there!).  Well, seeing as how it's after 5pm on a weekend, that is an exercise in futility and puppy-kicking frustration.  The only real human being I can raise is the 'Card Security Services' division, which appears to be an outsourced third-party company as they keep asking me "What is your financial instituion name?"  They can give no insight into declined purchases, and they certainly can't help me with my current, urgent, issue.  So, I (and my client) are stuck until at least Monday before we can order replacement hardware.  Thanks BECU!


It is 2017, almost 2018.  I can take my business account to literally any bank in this state, and be able to solve problems like this with 24/7 phone access to a human being, employed directly by the banking institution.  If BECU can arbitrarily limit my account 24/7 for 'security' reasons (which is my suspicion as to what this particular root-cause is) I should be able to call in to clear it up 24/7 as well.  What's the real cost to BECU to employ half a dozen 20-somethings to man a call-center weekends and off-hours?  Is it worth losing yet another small business (and multiple related personal) accounts?  I don't know, but we're about to find out. 


Hmmm...  I'm in the process of starting up a new small business and had been planning to use BECU for my business banking.  Now I'm having second thoughts.


The work I will be doing involves periodic travel out-of-state and overseas.  I cannot afford to have access to my business accounts shut off without access to phone support 24/7 for a quick resolution.


As BECU expands its membership across the country, it must also be attentive to the fact that Charlotte--or Oklahoma City--doesn't do business on "Pacific Standard Time".  We need to think globally.


Don't do it.  I'm in the process of moving my banking elsewhere.  BECU has refused to permanantly increase my spending limits to reasonable (i.e., busy IT company) levels, stating "If you want that level of purchasing power, you should really get a company credit card".  I'm sorry, I thought "money in the bank" was all the purchasing power one needs. 

Community Manager

@Brianjmix You bring up some good points, so thank you. We continually evaluate our hours and offerings, including looking at needs outside of business hours. Debit and credit card support is certainly an area of focus for us and I appreciate you sharing your current plans to establish a new small business with us. We certainly want to ensure that members are able to conduct transactions with no roadblocks. I'll continue to share this feedback with our partners in the Contact Center who evaluate this on an ongoing basis. Thanks JohnS


I have requested this for the last 20yrs. I have been across and out of the country and I have had to wait until the bank opens until I could resolve a problem. I hope one day that it will come to fruition.

Hello everyone!

I have a idea I feel will benefit every BECU customer.

I've gone out of state many times, and of course before I went on my vacation I always made sure to notify BECU ahead of time. Well, for whatever reason, my card would get shut off or blocked, on my first purchase away from home. Be it as it may, its a sunday, and I can't get ahold of anyone at BECU because its after normal business hours.

I truly believe it would be highly beneficial to ALL of us here at BECU to have a after hours customer service line that would handle such issues and events that do arise after normal business hours. This would be so helpful! I've been in multiple situations where I needed to get ahold of someone at BECU but because it was after business hours I wasnt able to. I've been in situations where my card was blocked on a weekend while I'm out of town and didnt have cash to get myself through the weekend. Usually BECU has someone call in the event that your card gets blocked for whatever reason. But in every instance, this didn't happen and I had to be in a bad situation where I have no money. I usually do carry some cash but again in this instance that cash I usually have wasnt available.

So if its possible I think an after hours emergency line should be created for BECU customers to have that much more peace of mind knowing if a problem should arise, we as customers of BECU are covered in every situation that may come up!


If you cut off access to money after hours, then you should have a mechanism in place to restore access after hours.  It really is that simple....


True 24/7 phone service that has the ability to resolve these problems is one way.  Online/App enhancements that can fix these issues from our phone or computer is another.  You still would need to have 24/7 people to fix Online/App access problems though so....


You are preaching to the choir, Marchelgeson.  However, your plea falls upon deaf ears when it comes to the folks who call the shots around here.  Chase has been very happy to accept my business, _and_ let me call in 24/7 to resolve any issues that come up.  BECU is de-facto not for businesses, they've had 6+ months to review/change policy, and nothing's happened.  Everyone I've talked to - support personnel, branch manager, corporate manager, etc - has been long on sympathy and bromides, but short on action.  If you need access to your money more than the ~50 hours/week BECU is staffed, I'd recommend a different financial institution. 




If you cut off access to money after hours, then you should have a mechanism in place to restore access after hours.  It really is that simple....




I have not recieved any emails or message or phone notifications but I was given a TRANSACTION ERROR message when using any ATM including BECU ATMs and told to contact the institution. My car was on empty, in the middle of a cold, rainy night and could not speak to a real person. It accepted my pin number but gives "transaction errror" message whichever item I chose. It won't tell me my balance, my last transactions or anything. When I called the third party (who asked for the insitution name) they said there is no hold on my card or any messages. No hold on my account. I was told I would have to wait until MONDAY (it is Saturday night) to speak to someone about it. I have hockey tickets for the weekend and NO WAY to access to my funds now to pay for gas or get food. I tried the online option and SURPRISE that system is down for updates until Sunday. I have no faith in your company now. Instead of big screen flashy ATMS that show full size creepy faces staring at me as I use the ATM, how about putting that money to use for emergency 24 hour support? 


I can't imagine what would have happened if I was needing to get to the airport or something. How would I pay for it? 

Community Manager

@oath777 I know this situation has left you with a bad taste in your mouth and I'm truly sorry about the series of events that unfolded over the weekend. What you've described sounds incredibly frustrating and I would feel the same. I do want to make sure we have an opportunity to research what happened and provide insights so this type of situation doesn't occur down the road. If you haven't spoken with us already, please let me know. I'll also be sharing your comments with our Contact Center leadership for consideration in future discussions regarding hours of operation. Thanks, JohnS  


I am.sitting here in frustration on a Saturday evening.  Mail came and several overdraft fees were taken when I know that I had set up overdraft protection quite awhile ago to be taken out of my money market account!  I was having 2 surgerys and was less attentive to auto withdrawels on my account but wasnt worried bevause I had overdraft protection!  I cannot reach anyone to help me till monday and I garauntee I will be on hold for a long time! These fees are se eral hundred dollars!!  Ridiculous I will be leaving BECU!