24/7 'real' phone support

As a business owner, I need to be able to call in and get a real BECU employee 24/7.  The 'Card Security Services' offering is a joke.  Case in point - a client had a server die over the weekend.  No worries, it happens.  As I am their business IT provider, I whip out my trusty BECU Business Debit Card, go to purchase a replacement, and... declined.  No reason given.  I verify that my business account has enough to cover the purchase, plus a healthy surplus.  I contact the merchant (Amazon - a sketchy fly-by-night organization if I ever saw one), all they'll tell me is that it is a 'hard' decline, and I should contact my financial institution (hi there!).  Well, seeing as how it's after 5pm on a weekend, that is an exercise in futility and puppy-kicking frustration.  The only real human being I can raise is the 'Card Security Services' division, which appears to be an outsourced third-party company as they keep asking me "What is your financial instituion name?"  They can give no insight into declined purchases, and they certainly can't help me with my current, urgent, issue.  So, I (and my client) are stuck until at least Monday before we can order replacement hardware.  Thanks BECU!


It is 2017, almost 2018.  I can take my business account to literally any bank in this state, and be able to solve problems like this with 24/7 phone access to a human being, employed directly by the banking institution.  If BECU can arbitrarily limit my account 24/7 for 'security' reasons (which is my suspicion as to what this particular root-cause is) I should be able to call in to clear it up 24/7 as well.  What's the real cost to BECU to employ half a dozen 20-somethings to man a call-center weekends and off-hours?  Is it worth losing yet another small business (and multiple related personal) accounts?  I don't know, but we're about to find out. 

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@kbart322 I'm so sorry this happened! Please keep an eye out for a private message from me soon! JohnS 

Totally agree. The fraud unit does not have info, asks unbelievable questions ( what did you buy last Tuesday?) and when you are in an area with low service and no money it is a horrible moment.

Here's a good one that just happened to me today. My company's payroll was one of thousands around the country caught up in a Payroll Service Scam that just took place, the last two days - 9/5-9/6 2019. This meant that I had two straight days in which the amount of my last paycheck was 'reversed', so money was taken out. It was about $4000. I was frantically at the BECU center Friday morning before opening. I went back and forth all day, and I believe it will be taken care of. But some of my other accounts that use my checking account, like Paypal and Bill Pay systems have  out of date checking account numbers now, so I need to change those. Yesterday, in the flurry of activity, I was handed a piece of paper with my new checking account number on it. Today, I'm in the process of making all those changes. Only, I can't find that piece of paper to save my life. I go online. The new account is not displaying yet!  I already new this, but I tried anyway - about 4 pm, to call. The only thing I could get was the last 4 digits of it. So, I'm out of luck until Monday. This happens frequently, and no matter how many times you complain, they are not  changing this. Just from the standpoint of customer service, I cannot understand why. And honestly, yesterday's events were not very satisfying either. As the day wore on and news of the scam began to circulate, the customer service people began to get a little more sympathetic, but one rep I talked to on the phone became very upset with me - she kept trying to correct me and tell me what had actually happened. At first I gave her room, thinking it was semantics but as the conversation wore on she absolutely knew what had happened, and she was absolutely incorrect. And I kept insisting that she was not quite understanding what had happened and what I was asking for. I got  back in my car and found the first guy I talked to early yesterday morning, by now it's about 4PM, and his attitude had completely changed. Almost  180. He even came out to my car to pet my dog. I'm not making that up!! Anyway, this was about lack of phone support, but the entire experience the last couple of days, I believe are going to send me somewhere else. Thx.