Cash bonuses

Who doesn’t like a little extra cash in their pocket? BECU is exploring an improved member rewards program to further enhance the member benefits we offer and strengthen our credit union difference.


Honestly, I'd prefer you not do this.  


My experience with other "member rewards" programs has been "meh" at best because the rules and payouts necessarily have to be labyrinthine to prevent abuse.  I don't think they've ever changed my shopping behavior.  I'd rather you channel the effort into employee satisfaction or broadening general services (e.g., more ATMs/fee waiver for the first).


Examples of recent experience: Fred Meyer (Shell) and Safeway (Chevron) have respective programs for "fuel points" that provide a discount at the store-branded fuel stations or the ones in parenthesis.  There is an expiration of points.  Moreover, when you attempt to use them, the experience is opaque: I enter my Rewards Card into the gas station keypad, swipe my card, it generates a random number between 0.00 (most common) and 0.50 a gallon savings.   The "reward" usually ends up expiring because I tend to get gas at Costco, where the price is consistently low.  


I don't think either has changed my behavior.  





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@darth_jim- We want our Rewards program to be more than "meh" for our members, so we're making it straightforward, and rewarding everyday banking activity in a non-confusing way.


Cash back rewards has been the #1 category our credit card members have been redeeming, so it's not our plan to not offer a cash back option. 


Thanks for sharing your experiences and perspective on rewards, all good points to consider when building our program so we can maintain transparency. Cheers, KristinA