Son in Mexico, card frozen, can't call, what to do?

My son came home for the holidays, then last week went back to Mexico City. He has lived there a few years now and used his card there regularly no problem. He tried to use the card when he got back and it's been frozen, likely a security measure to prevent theft. The problem is he can't call BECU from Mexico right not, especially not without access to his funds.


How can he contact BECU and get his card unfrozen?



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Re: Son in Mexico, card frozen, can't call, what to do?

Hi @MillardJMelnyk. We definitely want to make sure your son has access to his funds. We do offer toll-free international calling and I've posted the step below so he can call. If a conversation by phone is absolutely out of the question, he can also send us a secure message in the mobile app or through online banking and a representative can assist him there as well. Below are the 3 steps to call us toll-free;


  • Find the AT&T Direct Access Number for the country (Mexico has several to choose from)
  • Make sure he has an outside line and dial the Direct Access Number.
  • When prompted for the number he is calling, enter 800-369-3567.