Samsung Pay issues

I've been using Samsung Pay with my BECU debit card for a while now.  For the most part it works great.  However there are some issues that I routinely encounter.  First there are certain stores that I have to run twice for it to work.   Every time..  When I go into Lowes, the first time I scan it, it will fail with either declined, card not readable or some other error message.  The cashier resets it on the terminal to allow another scan and then it works  every time.  On other occasions although less frequently I try and try and just can't get samsung pay to work with my BECU card.  I then switch to use my other non-BECU debit card and it works the first time.  Anyone else experience this or know why there is the flakeyness with BECU and Samsung Pay?

Community Manager

Re: Samsung Pay issues

Hi @Rmatt, sorry you're having trouble getting your card to work consistently with Samsung Pay. I checked with our technical team and they aren't aware of any issues that would be causing this. Since the card isn't physically swiped, it sounds like it may be a technical issue with the merchant. We'd be happy to talk with you to further troubleshoot. You can reach us at 800-233-2328. Thanks, JohnS