New Member Setup - Password Length Problem

Today I signed up for the BECU MIX, so that could make comments in the blogs and generally be involved.


I stepped through the process, first & last name, username, email and password. Chose an avatar and then I signed out so that I could log back in, I use a password vault, so this is the way I test that the setup was correct.


I received the welcome email but when I attempted to login I received an error message, "Passwords are limited to 20 characters."


I had used a 24 character password while settinbg up my account but your system did not catch it when I saved my settings.


Might want to look into that.

Community Manager

Re: New Member Setup - Password Length Problem

@GarrettCobarr  I'm glad to see you were still able to log in and post your experience. I'll definitely be looking into the password limits and notifications to make sure the messaging and experience are in alignment to the requirements. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. JohnS