Mvelopes Support

Mvelopes has continually had connection problems with BECU over the course of the past year. At least 2 or 3 times a month we have to reach out to Mvelopes support after our accounts fall out of sync with BECU. Sometimes they can fix the issue and sometimes they can't. We've been told the issue is on BECU's side and that the Mvelopes team have to continually reach out. Yes Mvelopes can accept QFX files but it's a serious pain to have to download a file for every account just so we can stay in sync. It's become a big enough issue that we are starting to look at other credit unions that have better integration options. 


Is third party integration a priority for BECU still or is there a plan in the works to fix these connection issues?


Re: Mvelopes Support

I can speak to this.  I am a long time Mvelopes, EveryDollar, and MINT user.  In addition, I worked on this problem for no less than 5 years with BECU Engineers and service reps leading up to mid-2018 when I believe they resolved the issue.  You're right, Mvelopes wrestled with the number of changes made to BECU's methodology of aggregating or allowing aggregation companies to connect.  BECU would change an algorithm and the Mvelopes servers would fail to communicate.  For years, no one on the BECU really cared that much.  Engineers would get it running or Mvelopes would PiNG the account over and over again until it resolved.  BECU did not have enough Mvelopes customers or a loud enough complaint voice and they were attempting to develop and deploy their own Digital Budget Schema.  Then in 2018, EveryDollar became the leader in digital budgeting apps.  The Ramsey Company and their customers were more adamant and proactive.  Finally in about mid 2018, the BECU server began reducing the incoming request failures by a noticeable margin to the point now where as of November 2018, the Communication Failure between the 3rd party apps and the BECU servers have become faint.  If you're still struggling, the best way is to connect through and into the BECU Engineering department.  You'll need a good 2-4 hrs and some follow up days to work with an engineer to discover exactly what's taking place when your Mvelopes Account requests entry to the BECU information.  Then you'll have to communicate with the Mvelopes Engineers what you've found.  Normally that persistence will get a resolution in a number of days or weeks.  But, for me and most current 3rd digital app users, BECU has finally opened up their system to allow incoming consistent information pulls.  -adam