Member security at risk at ATMs

We are lucky that Seattle has less crime than some other areas.  But I still take a 360 look before going up to an ATM.  One of the concerns I've had was that someone might rush me after a transaction, push me out of the way and withdraw the daily limit.     And the last action at an ATM is the machine returning one's card.   You have to review your transactions, verify deposits, count money, make transfers.  Prudence dictates that one finish transactions and leave quickly.  


Is it no wonder why so many people leave their cards in the ATMs?


I was used to removing my card before cash was dispensed.  If someone tried to rush me and make another withdrawal, they would have to know the pin.  And few would leave without their money.  Giving the card back first means one can place it in the wallet and not stick it in a pocket while moving away,  reduce the possibility of someone else withdrawing funds, reduce the potential of assault, and reduce the number of members who have walked away without their cards--and allowing another person to withdraw funds.,


I know there would be development costs and testing. It could be done with other changes when the software is upgraded.


I don't believe most people are even aware of these dangers. The sequence exposes all ATM users to theft and assault. I would feel safer if these dangers could be removed.  Isn't safety and security one of the most important goals for any CU or Bank?