Check password only once on iPhone app

Right now when I open the app, it authenticates twice, first checks my face while the screen is red, then again at the login screen. This was happening before when I used my fingerprint on a previous phone.

I suspect this is because I don’t sign out of the app, I just go back to home screen the session times out, then when I open again it first authenticates the old session, then logs me into the new one. Once it authenticates the first time, it should go directly to my account.
Community Manager

Re: Check password only once on iPhone app

Hi @Opakhnyuk . Sorry the app is making you log in twice each time. What you've described is not the desired experience and we'd like the opportunity to get it sorted out. Please give us a call and ask to speak with a Tech Support Analyst who can assist. 800.233.2328. Thanks! JohnS