Branch needed in Denny Triangle/South Lake Union

There used to be an ATM on 6th and Battery, but it was removed in anticipation of the building being torn down.


BECU has no presence in South Lake Union or the Denny Triangle, home of the largest employer in the city--Amazon.   There are many potential members there.  I would assume that the number of members makes us a stronger organization, and spreads costs over more people.


I hope you are looking for retail space in one of the 30,000 new buildings going up within a block Amazon HQ

Community Manager

Re: Branch needed in Denny Triangle/South Lake Union

Good morning @Ryq! Great minds think alike! We just opened our new South Lake Union branch on November 28th and hope to see you there soon!  For more details about this location, click here: https://www.becu.org/locations/south-lake-union

Thanks, Sara