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Why is the End of the Year the Best Time to Buy a Car?

Community Manager

 “Patience is a virtue.”

“Good things come to those who wait.”


As the calendar year draws to a close, now may be the best time to pick up a new set of wheels. Why is it such a good idea to wait until the last month of the year before making such a big purchase? Glad you asked.


Winter Weather

Whether the sun's shining, rain is falling, or a blizzard is blowing, you can count on one thing: the winter is usually cold. When the mercury drops, so does the appeal of wandering around a car lot. It's safe to assume the salespeople aren't all that excited about braving the elements either. Winter weather can work to your advantage. You see,  the cold tends to keep shoppers away. Fewer shoppers make it more difficult to meet sales quotas. By being one of the few, you can gain valuable leverage in the negotiating process. The law of supply and demand applies to consumers as well as products. 


Help Me Help You

A good salesperson knows the best promotions and incentives that can help you get more car for your money. When you shop at the end of the year, they’re working towards monthly, quarterly, and annual sales goals. As much as you want to buy the right car, your salesperson probably wants to sell it to you even more! It’s a classic win/win situation.


That Model is SO Last Year

Dealerships don't want to be saddled with an inventory of 2018 models once 2019 rolls around. The end of the calendar year adds a sense of urgency to move the previous year's automobiles, and that urgency can equal significant savings for you. If you do your research and determine that an earlier model will meet your needs, your flexibility can pay off.


Timing is Everything

Timing can be the most important factor in a successful automobile search. Buying a car at the end of the day is good. Buying one at the end of the month can be better. Buying at the end of the year may be the best. Following this logic, picking out your new ride may be the best way to spend New Year’s Eve this year. Counting all the money you saved is a great way to ring in 2019!