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NFC and ATM Location Requests

BECU Employee

We get requests all the time for NFC and ATM locations, and we really do listen. Every suggestion received gets logged for review and added to any existing requests for similar locations.


We assess existing NFC locations and the current markets we serve on an annual basis and wanted to bring some transparency to a few of the considerations we evaluate when adding a new location:


  • Necessity to relieve pressure on current locations in the area
  • Market data of target area such as demographics and population density
  • How well other Financial Institutions are doing in the area and take into account if there is an unmet need we can fill
  • As well as finding properties that fit our BECU brand and have good access and visibility

In addition, when looking at potential ATM locations, we consider:


  • Necessity to relieve pressure on current ATM locations
  • Existing member density and potential for future member growth
  • Proximity to our core market areas
  • Access to CO-OP or other Surcharge Free ATMs within the market
  • Cost/Benefit in relation to the overall membership
  • Availability of ATM sites that meet our requirements:
    • Good access from a traffic perspective
    • Good visibility
    • Location has the space required for the ATM
    • Reasonable ability to get utilities to the ATM site

You can read more about upcoming ATM enhancements in an earlier article here, and we’re looking forward to serving these neighborhoods with new locations coming later this year and into 2018:


  • West Seattle
  • Seattle Hill
  • North Spokane
  • Wallingford
  • Greenwood
  • Downtown Seattle

Rainier Valley/Beacon Hill are sorely missing out on an NFC.

Community Manager

Thanks @dranore, we'll get this added to the list for consideration. JohnS


Those of us in SE King County would love to see one in Enumclaw. We're a bit of an island out here and our BECU ATMs constantly have lines at the busy times of the day. We dilike having to go to Auburn, Bonney Lake and Maple Valley for in-person services. And Wells Fargo just vacated, so there is a spot available to move into I am guessing.

And we have quite a few BECU employees that would also love to have a Financial Center to call home or to use as a drop station for telecommuting work.