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Don’t Rest on Your Resolutions

Community Manager


It's 2019, and you may have made some financial resolutions at the start of the New Year. That's great, now comes the hard part: creating a plan that gets you to your goals. Here are some tips that can help.


Focus In On Finances

It's no secret; your finances affect nearly every aspect of your life. Want to turn things around fast? Aim your efforts here first. If you aren't a financial wizard, that's OK. BECU has a team of experts to help you find your path to your best self. From more established folks hoping to set up for retirement to those looking to overcome debt to anything in between, BECU is here to help.


Dollar-Free Endorphins

It is good to have a hobby, especially one that is budget friendly. Whether you have a green thumb hoping to parent more plants or are a self-taught meditation master, it is important to find that financially friendly release. If you haven’t landed on a hobby yet, check out this list of hobbies that won’t sacrifice your budget.


Get to Know Your Kitchen

While the conveniences that come with dining out on the town are great, it can add up quickly. Your kitchen is calling. The great thing about cooking at home is getting to plan your menu and control cost. Many different free online recipe resources can help with menu ideas, guide you through the steps of making a dish or calculate the value of making your meal at home.


It Will Be Worth It

Sticking to resolutions can be tough, but often even making small changes can pay big dividends. What can we help you accomplish in 2019?


Are you interested in strengthening your financial knowledge? BECU members can take a self-paced course, webinar or attend a seminar anytime to improve financial literacy skills.