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Credit Scores Coming to Your Online Banking

Community Manager

One of the first ideas shared here on the Member Idea eXchange was access to your credit score (Thanks @jretych and all the MIX members who showed their support for the idea!) We’re excited to finally be bringing this to you within your online banking!


Over the next few weeks we’ll be turning it on through a rolling release to large groups of members at a time. If you don’t see your credit score right away, you will soon enough!


Here’s a sneak peek preview of where to look for it when you’re logged into your online banking; you’ll see the link to access it directly to the right of where you see your eStatements and tax statements:


For clarification, FICO Scores online are available for those BECU members with established Member Share Savings Accounts under your personal Online Banking login. If you share a BECU account and have not establshed membership with a Member Share Savings Account, FICO scores may not appear in your individual Online Banking.














We’re also providing a TON of additional FICO score information and insights so be sure to read through the FAQs to get the most out of this new feature.


We’d love to hear from you once you’ve seen your score and have had the chance to read through the information. What are your first impressions? If you had questions, were you able to find the answers you needed with the information provided?


Share your feedback by commenting on this post. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!  


Thank you, BECU, for providing online access to members' credit scores.  This is an excellent example of BECU's continued good service.

Community Manager

@Dennis- Welcome to the MIX and thanks for the positive feedback, we're looking forward to it too! Cheers, KristinA 


Love this idea!! Will it be accessible in the app? 

Community Manager

Welcome @dragonflygypsy! Yes, eventually this will be accessible through the mobile app. We're still working on the details and will definitely update the community when we know more. JohnS


This is awesome! So excited for the roll out! My son (age 1) has a savings account- will my husband and I be able to view his credit score and therefore monitor it for fraud protection? Also, my husband and I share accounts - will we each be able to see our credit scores or will scores only be available for the primary account holder? 


Been a member since I was 2 and I LOVE everything y'all are doing!

Community Manager

We love your enthusiasm @Sfrisch, thanks for being here! You and your husband will be able to view your respective scores when you log into your individual Online Banking profiles as long as each of you have established separate Member Share Savings accounts. If you happen to be using a "shared" login (we know it happens), you'll see the score of the primary user ID. When your son is old enough to start building credit (usually around age 18) his credit score will then become available when he logs into his accounts. In the meantime, you can monitor your son's credit activity by using Thanks! JohnS




Thank you so much for adding this feature. I've long been frustrated with the difficulty of getting an accurate credit score without paying a fee. This is such an important tool for people trying to improve their credit and could be a great source of motivation as they see their score climb, as well as an early warning if it drops.


Excelent service.

This will actually help me a lot.

How often will it be updated and how many times can I access it in a year?

Community Manager

@dhindmarch- Thanks for your feedback and the important elements you pointed out! I can confirm that key factors impacting your score display right on the page with your credit score so that will be really valuable info. 


And @conchitach- Glad you'll find this helpful! You can expect to see it updated monthly, (since credit scores don't typically fluctuate too much in a month), and you can access it as often as you'd like! Be sure to take a look at the additional Q&As linked from your score once it becomes visible to you in your online banking.


Cheers, KristinA 


Kristin, this service keeps sounding better!

Thanks for pointing out the features.



BECU Employee

I am a consultant at Silverdale NFC (and a member myself) and I am absolutely thrilled about the release of the credit scores! My members have already provided great feedback and I myself am overjoyed about it. Great job BECU! Proud to represent this company Smiley LOL


Fantastic. One idea I didn't have and thrilled to see this. It can be a challenge to access accurate data

Community Manager

@LadySpark- We're glad you're thrilled, it's a great feature we're proud to finally offer! Cheers, KristinA 


I accessed my credit score yesterday, and thank you for providing it!

Community Manager

@Dennis - Yay!  You're very welcome! Robot Happy StaceyC