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Behind The Curtain - Up Next For The BECU Mobile App

Community Manager

We're excited about what's in progress for the BECU mobile app and want to make sure our MIXers get the inside scoop for the new features and functions we're sending your way later this year. When we look at the community generated ideas, it is great to see suggestions and ideas coming in for many of the features we're getting ready to bring you. As you read this, the mobile app team is typing away at lines of code and testers are doing their best to break the code to bring these ideas to life.  We don't have an exact date for this release, but you can look forward to updates here in the MIX.  Check out what we have in the works:


Mobile Deposit Capture Improvements


Changing the settings for mobile check deposit will be easier with ability to turn on and off the auto capture and flash options on the check capture screen.

To help first time or infrequent users make mobile check deposits a shutter animation will display, showing that the picture is being taken. After you accept the front check image, an animation will display to signal it is time to flip the check over to capture the back of the item.


Android Fingerprint Authentication


Android users running Android 6.0 and newer will be able to use fingerprint authentication to log in to the app.


Schedule Appointments


Planning ahead and saving time on the go is about to get easier by scheduling appointments right from your mobile app! You'll able to schedule next day appointments to visit BECU branches. When you check in for an appointment, you'll have priority over the walk-in visitors in the branch.


Improvements to Spending Tracking


Tracking your spending gives great insight into your financial history. With our next release, Spending will have an ‘Over Time’ view where you'll see how spending and income compare over time.


App Layout Improvements


You'll be able to customize your app and choose the display order for the sections: Accounts, Transactions, Spending, and Budgets. If budgeting and spending tracking in the mobile app isn't for you, no worries - you can hide Spending and Budgets.


Transactions Search


Finding information that's important to you should be easy, which is why there will be a new function to search transactions. You'll have the option to manually search for specific payees in addition to filter by type, by account, and by custom date range to make your search even easier.


Text Sizing


To make the app even more user-friendly, you'll have the option to increase the font. 


New Transaction Indicator and Logic


Want to know what's happened since the last time you logged in? This release will include new logic to help you quickly identify transactions that have been posted since the last time you were in the app. All new transactions will have a colored bar to the left of the transaction.

Your voice is important to us! Keep the ideas flowing here in the MIX on how we can continue to make our mobile app great!  We are excited to see what we can continue to build together.

The BECU Mobile Team

BECU Employee

@fremast@CreditUnionsFTW & @Davepar- We're so close! Keep your eyes on the app stores late next week for the latest release! Cheers, KristinA 

BECU Employee

@fremast@CreditUnionsFTW & @Davepar- Thanks for your feedback and enthusiasm around this release, it's available today! All this great member-inspired functionality is now in your hands and we hope it makes life a little easier. Cheers, KristinA