A more kid-friendly Money Manager

I think the BECU Money Manager applet is one of the best things to happen to BECU in recent years. It makes tracking my spending and budgeting a lot simpler, but, for younger kids who want to learn to manage their money, it may be a little too complicated. Allowing parents to interact with their kids' money manager applets as a full-featured experience (managing transaction categories, viewing trends, depositing money into their kids' accounts) that the kids can then interact with through their less complex experience could be helpful to teach kids how they are spending their money and helping them save up for the purchases they want to make.

BECU Employee

@EpikYummeh- Thanks for sharing your idea, we love promoting those tools to teach saving, spending and sharing. I also agree about the complexity... which aspects of the money manager do you think would cross-over well to youth and younger members? Cheers, KristinA


I think the aspects of the money manager with the highest value to a young spender would be the Spending screen that shows a breakdown of where their money has gone and the Budgets screen. Budgets could be managed by the parents after a discussion with their child on how they wish to spend their money or allowances. The child can see the budgets and how much is left in each one, but cannot change them. Parents are notified when their child meets or exceeds a budget.

BECU Employee
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