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What tools do you currently use to invest?

Scottrade was my first brokerage account - I opened it when I was in college and still use it to this date.  Trade fees are on the lower end of the spectrum.  Now with things like Robin Hood and free trades this brings the "low cost" option to basically 0$ per trade.


Sharebuilder now Capitaloneinvesting - I opened this account 2 years ago or so as an alternative to Scottrade because at the time Scottrade did not offer a Free DRIP program.  Scottrade now offers drip.


Lending Club - Experimenting with p2p lending, the service fees are fairly high but this represents only a small portion of my retirement.  Maybe BECU could figure out a way to p2p inside of the membership, as members loaning to members.  Not even sure if this is possible though!


Company 401k for tax advantaged accounts


Other funds in IRA/Roth IRA for tax advantaged accounts municiple bonds ect

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@jonwmcfarland84- Thanks for joining in the conversation and sharing your experience! I hope you were able to also take the survey, we're really interested in what is most important to users with a tool like this. You seem to have found some great options out in the marketplace. Cheers, KristinA 

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Status changed to: Under BECU Review
BECU Employee
Status changed to: Under BECU Review

@jonwmcfarland84Apologies for the status confusion! Be assured these ideas are under review as we're working with the business owner to learn more about the solution! Cheers, KristinA