Stock Trading

I would like to see BECU off a self guided stock investing option that links to my bank account, ideally with the ability to allocate a certain amount to the portfolio each month.  This is the only thing I miss from Wells Fargo.

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Status changed to: Under BECU Review

@jasongrimm- Apologies for the status confusion! Be assured these ideas are under review as we're working with the business owner to learn more about the solution! Cheers, KristinA 

I'd like to see BECU create an investment platform for traders and investors who want to have a more hands on approach than what BECU currently offers. I trade stocks and options, and have had a very hard time finding a trustworthy brokerage. I just opened accounts at Ally and TD Ameritrade, but I'd rather be with a financial institution I've been with for years already. Prices are not terrible, but unreasonably high in my opinion, around 4.95-7.95/transaction, and roughly $0.65 per options contract. Just like BECU does in so many other areas, I feel like they could out-do the competition here also.
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Thanks for adding your voice @OmarDada! I'm following up with our business partners for an update and will communicate as soon as I have more info. Thanks! JohnS