Tiny, tiny print in emails

I just received two emails from BECU that were in increasingly smaller font size. The final and most important paragraph was so tiny I had to use the special character on my laptop that increases the size of the email message. These emails were in response to changes in two check that I requested, using the Payments option. 

Every month when I request these checks I have to change certain info, and have always received these emails in response. BUT I COULD READ THEM!!! Why did you decide to go to small font, then smaller font, then tiny tiny print in the same email? There was plenty of room on the page for the former, larger font size. I don't understand. Perhaps JohnS can explain. Please return to at least the minimum font size requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which is 12 pt.

I realize this info doesn't affect many people, but I am just hoping this tiny font size doesn't show up on my Confirmation sheets that I print. That went to a smaller font size for a while, but has returned to a normal size font. I thank you for that.

Ya know, none of us are getting any younger. Our eyes aren't getting any younger either. Thanks to all.

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Community Manager

Thanks for bringing this to our attention @eym1942. I'm not sure what's causing this and I'm working with my partners to address your concerns. I'll follow up with you when I have more info. Thanks! JohnS