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private schools need funding too

we need a way to connecct people and businesses that would like to donate to special intrest schools and private schools. 


Re: private schools need funding too

thats why they are private and they dont need the cash...


Re: private schools need funding too

Im so dissapointed in charter schools and private schools , why, because it is a limited education, for all children. 

I believe that we are better then supporting private schools. Think about it the key word [ Private] There has become a recking in our country, and it is so sad.

When I went to school I received a full education. Our children today have been so dumbdown, which worries me that our babies future has become very limited.

Seems like we citizens are losing our way in our country.

Much love to all who understand what I have tried to explain here  why I donot support private schools. 

This is not a issue for our credit unions, I was there when credit unions where set up for the working class citizens. Much love Becu membership


Re: private schools need funding too

I certainly agree with those who don't consider this something for the Credit Union to take on.

I did go to a (secular) private high school. I was on scholarship. I had small classes, peers who shared my love of learning, received an excellent education, and it probably made a real difference in terms of getting admitted to an excellent university.



That was before the current movment to sabotage public education really started. At this point it seems that so much of the private school movment has ulterior political and religious motives. I can think of many much less controversial things for the credit union to do.


Re: private schools need funding too

Mr. Powell,

That is a very mistaken view. Not all private schools are for profit. Nor are they all highly funded. If they are non-profit then they will have ways to connect through their home and school associations as well as having a funding office if they are well organized.