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What do the idea statuses mean?



Check out this idea!

All new ideas receive this status and have been acknowledged

Needs Community Support

This idea is intriguing and would benefit from more community support to assess desirability.

Under BECU Review

You’ve got our attention and we’re looking at it to see how feasible it is.

On the Radar

We agree the idea is great so we’re adding it to our “to-do” list.  It’s likely more than 12 months out from development and/or requires partner coordination.

In Development

We’re actively working on this idea and expect to have it ready within the next 12 months.

Further Consideration

This idea has potential. We’ll leave it open and revisit it as development plans evolve.

Not Right For Us

While interesting, this idea doesn’t fit into our strategy or isn’t possible for us to implement.

Idea Built

We took your idea and brought it to life!

Good News! We Have This!

Great minds think alike. This is something we have available right now. 

Inactive Idea

This idea didn’t get enough community love in the last six months to remain viable.

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