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Passport Member Discount Program Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Member Discount Program?

The Member Discount Program is designed to save you money by giving you access to thousands of local, regional and national discounts. The program is managed by Passport Unlimited. Passport Unlimited is based in the Puget Sound region and administers similar programs for other companies.  

  1. Why can’t I have access all the dining options?

Dining options are not included in the standard program; however, BECU offers a discounted member price for the premium Passport that includes dining. Upgrade to receive the dining discounts by clicking on a dining option and following the registration prompts. The fee is $7 per month or if you pay in full, $75.00 a year.  If you click on the merchant, you will receive instructions on how to pay.

  1. Why do I need to use the email address on file with BECU?

The member discount program is exclusively for BECU members. Your email address on file with BECU acts as your proof of membership.  Failure to use your email address on file with BECU could result in the cancellation of your Passport access.

  1. How can I provide feedback?

Your ideas, comments, and suggestions are welcome! Wish to make a suggestion or relay a positive experience? Complete the suggestion form, or call them at 800-410-4211.  

  1. What happens if I close my BECU membership?

If you close your BECU membership, you lose your access to the BECU program; however, you will be offered the option to convert your membership to the standard Passport program by paying the standard Passport rates in effect at that time. 

  1. Can I suggest a vendor/discount for the program?

Yes! To suggest a new vendor or discount, please make a recommendation by completing our vendor suggestion form.

  1. How do I use the Passport app at local businesses?

When patronizing participating local businesses, simply present your Passport app before completing your transaction. Your discount or membership benefit will be applied at the point of sale (look for specific instructions listed with each vendor offer).

  1. Will the app run on my smartphone?

The Passport Mobile app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices and is supported on devices running iOS 6+, Android 4+ and Windows Phone 8+.

  1. How do I install the mobile app on my smartphone?

The Passport Mobile app is currently available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Visit your phone's marketplace and search for "Passport Mobile" to find the app. Note: if you are using an iPad, you'll need to select the filter for iPhone apps in order to find the app.

Once you have found the app in your marketplace, follow the normal app installation steps to download and install the app on your device. Then, sign in using your BECU Passport number and start finding deals near you!

  1. What features are available in the mobile app?

The app uses your device GPS to show you nearby deals based on your current location, allowing you to view the deals on a map or in list format. The app includes filter and settings options to search in another location, search for a specific keyword, or filter results by category or cuisine. Install the free app and try it for yourself to learn more!

  1. How do I use the Member Discount Program at Passport Dining restaurants?

If you have upgraded to receive the dining options, your Passport Dining savings are always calculated away from the table. When using the app at participating restaurants, simply write the provided redemption code, and card number on your receipt and your discount will be discreetly deducted from your bill.

In select areas, some restaurants may automatically include an 18% gratuity on your bill. These restaurants are denoted with an icon in the upper-right portion of their listing.

  1. Are there any restrictions on restaurant use?

You may use the restaurant discounts as often as you like. However, the restaurant offer is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Passport offers are valid any day during regular business hours, except on recognized holidays (New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving Day) or any special day a restaurant may observe as a holiday. If you have a question regarding a holiday, please contact the restaurant before your visit.
  • Passport discounts are not valid with any other promotions or discounts, including happy hour menus/specials. Passport discounts are not valid for alcohol, desserts, wine specials, gift certificates, gift cards, promotional non-published menu items, when dining alone, or when ordering "to go" except where noted in a restaurant's listing on the website.
  • The lowest priced adult entrée in the party (two or more people) in a second complimentary entree is the entrée waived from the bill.
  • A minimum of one adult entrée per person in the party must be ordered. An appetizer is considered an entrée only if an entrée is purchased by the party. Entrées may not be split.
  • DINING IN GROUPS: A maximum of two Passport memberships per party can only be used at one time. If a party of four or more is present with two Passport discounts, the two lowest priced entrées in the party in a second complimentary entrée offer are the entrées that are waived from the bill. This includes when separate checks are issued. When dining at a restaurant honoring the non-traditional menu discount of 20% off (2 – 6 people), a maximum of 6 people and a maximum of ONE card per party applies. Children's menu excluded.
  • ADDITIONAL OFFERS: Additional offers differ from the standard offer, and are not honored at all restaurants; please reference the website for offer details.
    • SELECT restaurants with non-traditional menus may offer 20% off (2 – 6 people) a maximum of 6 people, and a maximum of ONE card per party applies. Children's menu excluded. This offer applies when ordering sushi, tapas, and buffets.
    • SELECT restaurants may offer discounts for members when dining alone, ordering "to-go" or on brunch, banquets or all-inclusive meals.
    • When less than two entrées are ordered, BONUS discounts may apply. Check each restaurant's website listing to determine if a restaurant offers BONUS discounts.
    • On prix fixe meals or combination meals, the entrée portion, in a second complimentary entree offer, is the expense waived from the bill.