Your Community, Your Way

BECU Employee

So here you are.  Welcome and thank you for joining the MIX! I’m glad you were intrigued enough to check it out - we’re pretty excited about this new endeavor. It’s different than anything we’ve done before, and also unique in the context of what you typically see in financial services. And we want you to help us shape it.


If you’ve had a chance to explore the community site, you’ve likely noticed you can give us feedback on things we’re working on, and also share your own ideas to help fuel our desire for member-inspired innovation. We’re also excited to have this forum and you, our exclusive group of members, to preview and highlight what we’re working on so you can get in a sneak peek into what’s in development at BECU.


But this is your community- how would you like to use it? What’s important to you when participating in an online community like this one? As valued members of the BECU community it would be great connect you to each other to share, commiserate, and confront money related situations like a boss. What specific topics would you like to see shared to provide insight as we navigate these uncertain times?


Help ignite the spark for your fellow members and tell me what you think by posting in the comments below.

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