You Asked for It! Pause Your Debit Card is Here!

Community Manager

Thanks to an idea shared by @shayzyme, and the support of the MIX community, BECU members are now able to pause and unpause debit cards via Online Banking.


Here’s How It Works


You’re able to pause and unpause your debit card whenever you want by visiting Online Banking. It’s not yet available in the Mobile App, but you can access it by going to Online Banking>Account Services>Pause Your Debit Card. This feature works with any business or consumer ATM or Debit card.


Things to Keep in Mind


This feature is great for when you have temporarily misplaced your card, and you know it’s in a safe place. Your card remains paused until you unpause the card using Online Banking.

Keep in mind, if you have pre-authorized recurring transactions, they could continue to post to your account. But if a pre-authorized recurring transaction is rejected due to the paused status on your card, you will be responsible for any late fees that result.

Pausing your card doesn’t notify BECU that your card is lost or stolen. If you don’t know where your card is, contact BECU immediately.


We Appreciate Your Feedback!


We’d like to thank our MIX members for this great suggestion. We love that you’re always helping us improve the BECU member experience and we’re eager to hear your feedback about the new debit card pause/un-pause feature. Let us know in the comments below.


I think this is a great start JohnS.  Back in the beta testing days of the App we did have the full ability to freezs cards as well as limit their range from the house or to certain types of transactions.  I loved it.  Its good to see BECU is headed in the right direction.  I could pause my cards until I was ready to use thm themn open them up for a transaction and pause again later.  I did not have to worry about someone taking my card if I kept is paused until needed.


A suggestion to maybe enhance the pause button if it’s not already built in based on the notes from @JohnS above is “Don’t Pause” the already preapproves translations” but maybe provide the user a list of the pre-approved transactions to review before they press the pause button.


To be clear, only an online "pause" option is available. No online "unpause" option is available.


So I do find the second sentence in this paragraph in the August 2018 news a bit misleading...


"Pausing your debit card is simply a way to block new purchases, ATM transactions, reoccurring transactions and cash advances.* When you're reunited with your card, simply remove the pause by using the same menu in Online Banking."

 In fact what happens when you return to "the same menu" is the image of your paused debit card has entirely disappeared. So you can't "simply remove the pause" right away if it's, say, a Sunday. You have to call BECU during its normal banking hours, Pacific Time, to gain control over your card again. 




Community Manager

Hi @lowlowl, welcome to the MIX! What you're describing sounds incredibly frustrating and isn't the desired experience we want members to have when pausing/unpausing your card. What you should see when you log back in to remove the pause on your card, is a grayed out image of your card with the ability to click "Tap To Unpause" to turn your card back on. If you're not seeing this option, our Technical Support team will want to speak with you to troubleshoot further since this is outside of the normal experience. You can reach us by calling 800-233-2328. Thanks, JohnS

Community Manager

@lowlowl One other thing you might want to try is clearing your browser history and cache and then launching a new browser to see if that helps. JohnS

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