We Asked, You Told Us

BECU Employee

We recently invited you to rank your top preferences for upcoming planned credit card and mobile app features.


This was intended to engage you in our planning process and incorporate your direct feedback into how we prioritize efforts. You also now have a little more insight into what’s coming down the road, cool.


Thanks to everyone who took our surveys, shared on social media, and left comments. Here’s how you ranked the features:


BECU Mobile App Features Winners.PNG














Visa Digital Enhancements Winners.PNG

















While these things don’t happen overnight (we wish!), when you see these new features, you’ll get that awesome feeling that you directly and meaningfully impacted the decisions we made. Cheers to that! KristinA


I joined this community to request being able to see pending transactions on my BECU Visa card.  Glad to see I'm not the only one that was interested in this, but I'm still baffled that BECU STILL hasn't implemented this.  Every other card I have has had this feature/ability for years! 

Community Manager

Hey @sethtwalter, thanks for adding your support. We appreciate you hanging in there with us as we work to bring this functionality to our members! JohnS


I will definitely be awaiting these changes, as they would make my life so much easier than the snail-paced upkeep we have now. It is quite difficult to remember transactions when traveling abroad and it is most useful to know there is no unauthorized activity, immediately, especially since Equifax was hacked.

BECU Employee

Thanks @alltojah! We're working on these for sure, some of them will be ready by early 2018 and others are still on the to-do list to get started later next year. We're also beginning discovery on enhanced alerts/notifications so check back soon as we plan to survey in the MIX to see which ones are important to deliver to you first. Thanks for engaging with us! Cheers, KristinA 


Whatever happened to the development of virtual cards? Specifically, being able to self-generate separate virtual card numbers tied to the same account or line to be used for varying purposes. 

Community Manager

Hi @ajdonim I just provided an update on this idea and you can check out the latest here. Thanks! JohnS

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