Update on Planned 2017 ATM Enhancements

BECU Employee

We’re continuing to work on the ATM enhancements we shared with you last year in this post and also wanted to provide some additional news and updates.


After much intense research and evaluation, it’s been determined we won’t be moving forward with the prestaging of ATM transactions through the mobile app at this point. We uncovered that participation in the pilot was very expensive, the option to pre-stage would have only been available on a limited number of withdrawal-only transactions, and there would have been a cost to enrolled users which we believe would not add value to our entire membership. We’re focusing instead on more widely beneficial enhancements. With that being said, we will continue to monitor the evolution of pre-staging transactions and its expanding support into other transaction types – such as deposits.


Read on for more!


We are still working on functionality to select your own bill denominations upon withdrawal, which will also include a future pilot to evaluate the capacity and desire to support an additional $5 bill denomination.


This fall, we’ll also be removing the ATM Preferences functionality. Based on member feedback and analysis, we learned that only a small  percentage of our membership used the preferences options. so we'll be taking the opportunity to speed up the ATM transaction time by removing the extra step for the ATM to look for and retrieve preferences - even when there weren’t any set up.


And last, but certainly not least, we’re bringing you brand new ATMs with improved performance and technology. Not only will all new ATMs be the updated style, we’re also replacing up to 45 of our higher volume, older model machines. This means a faster ATM experience and shorter lines to wait in. Winning!


These new ATMs have a larger 19” screen for enhanced readability, a longer, integrated mirror to increase the reflection area behind you for better security and awareness of your surroundings, a flush ATM card reader to deter fraudulent add-on card reading devices, and a new placement of the keypad for easier reach and greater privacy when entering your PIN.


All these enhancements are based on your feedback so we’re very excited to bring them to you. Thank you for helping us continue to improve your experience. 

New ATM Prototype with Enhancements.png




Most of these are cosnetic enhancements.  We know things need to be replaced and why not.


But the fact that the machine holds the card until the end is a security risk for the user.  Leaving the card in the ATM until the end means:

  1. Someone could push the member or harm the member and then take out additional money.  Were the card removed, attackers would realize they could not access additional money without the member typing in the PIN.
  2. People leave their cards behind causing major inconveniece and even allowing the next person in line to withdraw money from the account.

Where we appreciate equipment upgrades, the focus on security needs to be primary at ATMS.  Please consider a simple feature that enhances the safety of members and their accounts.



Community Manager

Hi @Ryq, thanks for weighing in. Security is an important topic and one we don’t take lightly. You do have a point. On the surface, a lot of these enhancements appear to be cosmetic, but they’re important players in keeping our ATM users safe. A larger mirror helps you see what’s happening behind you, a recessed key pad shields your important PIN information from any wandering eyes, and a flush ATM card reader helps deter fraudulent add-on card reading devices. Even with all these things, there are still risks involved when using an ATM machine, which we hope never happen. But if they do, we have cameras filming every minute and processes in place to protect our members accounts.


The simple action of swiping a card versus inserting it into the machine seems like an easy fix, a no-brainer in fact. Here’s why we haven’t changed the way you insert your card; EMV (microchip-embedded) cards need to be compatible with the terminals and need to be held in the ATM to allow for the authentication of the chip and processing of the transaction. Financial institutions will have to comply with EMV requirements and consumers will begin to see a shift in how ATMs handle cards. The good news for our users is that you’ll get to continue doing it the same way you always have. JohnS


I imagine the reason that such a small number of customers use the ATM preferences is because when you go to use the ATM, you're there to make a transaction and move on with your day. I've suggested this before: let us set ATM preferences from the main website or mobile app after logging in with our e-banking credentials. This gives customers the convenience of changing their preferences when and where they want, with the speed and ease of doing so on their personal device rather than at an ATM where other customers may be waiting in line to make their own transaction.

Community Manager

@EpikYummeh Great points, thanks for adding! We've had conversations internally and in the community about prestaging of ATM transactions and right now it's not something we'll be moving forward with. We'll continue to monitor feedback and let you know of any updates when we have have them. Thanks! JohnS 

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