The MIX Community Matters, and Here’s Why

Community Manager

A letter of appreciation to the community.


MIX Community,


First off, I’d like to thank you for your engagement and participation in BECU’s member community. As a member-owned cooperative, we value the input and inspiration we receive from you on a daily basis; we’re continually impressed with how invested you are in helping BECU provide and enhance our products and services.


We’re passionate about the member experience and value our MIX community perspective. You’re the reason we exist and we don’t ever forget that. Your input helps us keep our members at the forefront of our minds in everything we do.


It’s encouraging to watch the community grow and see the ideas that come through and resonate with others. We’re proud to have implemented more than ten of your ideas, including Samsung Pay for debit, no-fee POP Money and Credit Scores in Online Banking.


We have many more of your ideas in development. And while it may be disappointing that you aren’t able to see your ideas built and implemented more quickly, our enhancements to-do list is long, so we appreciate your input and your patience.


Aside from simply sharing ideas, the MIX is also a great place to start discussions with other members, and give us feedback on specific initiatives we have in the works. We value this input greatly as it helps shape and guide the outcome in real time, as we’re working to deliver improvements.


I’m excited to see what the future holds for our MIX community and how we can continue to bring value to you; our most engaged and loyal members. Thank you again for your dedication and the investment you continue to make for the betterment of BECU members.



Doug Marshall

Senior Vice President

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Well spoken.

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