The B-Word-Budget: Part 1

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Today marks the start of a 4-week journey we’ll take together to explore the steps of creating, and following, a B-word-Budget.


These inspired posts are written by MIX guest Stacey Black, long-time BECU Financial Educator extraordinaire. She’s seen it all, and heard it all when it comes to the highs and lows of money management so we’re lucky to have her connect with us. Join in the conversation and share your experiences, we’re all in this together!


Greetings all! It’s that time of year when we start to think about what we want to accomplish in the coming months. Most of us have good intentions, but when it comes time to take action we aren’t sure where to start (including myself, sometimes!).


Whether it’s losing weight or creating a budget, planning is the key to success, and the good news is, I’m here with a plan!


In the following weeks we’ll dive into each step of the plan on your way to cultivating a healthy financial future.


First things first. Set Financial Goals.


Financial goals give us a reason to go through the work of creating a budget and cutting back. When you’re setting these goals, make sure to put them into timeframes, such as:

  • Short term goals (within the next three years)
  • Medium term goals (within three to five years)
  • Long term goals (anything beyond five years).

Also, include your family in goal setting. If you have kids, think of a goal they can get excited about. This not only includes them in the family financial plan, but also teaches them the importance of saving and budgeting for what we want and need.


Ready? Set? Go!


Take the next week to really think about, and document, your financial goals. They can be big, or small. Exciting, or scary. As long as you set them, they’re yours to achieve. Think about what’s important to you; saving for a new car, a family vacation, grocery budgeting or even getting caught up on bills. It can be overwhelming at first, but start with what’s important and you can’t go wrong.


I’m in the middle of planning for my wedding, which my fiancé and I are financing ourselves, so I’m extremely excited to be following along with you.


If you’re feeling brave, share your goals with each other in the comments below. Even bolder? Share this post with a friend and invite them to join you on the journey to conquer the B-Word-Budget.


See you next Friday! Cheers, KristinA


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