Shared Branching- Did You Know?

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What is Shared Branching?


It’s cool! Shared Branching is a group of credit unions that agrees to handle regular teller transactions for members of other participating credit unions (partner credit unions). You can complete regular teller transactions at these locations just as if you were visiting a BECU teller location.


In fact, the Co-Op network continues to grow and is now the number two ATM network in the entire country, just behind Bank of America. You can read more about that awesomeness here


Between Shared Branching and the Co-Op ATM network, you have access to your BECU relationship (aka, your money and accounts) wherever life takes you.


What Transactions Can You Complete?

  • Deposits (US Funds only)
  • Withdrawals*
  • Loan payments (Excluding Visa and Mortgage payments)
  • Transfer balances
  • Loan advances
  • Notary services

*Withdrawals over $500 are at the discretion of the partner credit union. Cash and check withdrawals through Shared Branching are limited to two transactions in a 48 hour period, regardless of amount.


How Do You Find a Location?


Use the locations search in the BECU Mobile App, or go to then filter your results to select Partner Credit Unions


What Do You Bring With You?

  • Your Credit Union name (BECU, of course)
  • Full account number
  • Valid and acceptable ID
  • Address and/or last four of SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • Signature

What’s Good to Know Before You Go?

  • Services offered can vary between shared branches
  • Call your selected branch to confirm services before making the trip
  • You can access the CO-OP Shared Branch Live Help at 888-837-6500 to have questions answered or find locations. Check out for more details on Live Help.
  • Occasionally, there are fees charged by the partner credit union, ranging from $5 to $25 for things like cashier’s checks and photocopies

Regarding Shared Branching, I wish I could do an instant transfer between accounts online without having to call in, drive to an ATM and manually withdraw / deposit the funds, or wait 1-3 day(s) for "POP" transactions to occur online. For me, that's a hassle, as ideally I could just use my app on my phone to take care of that in one process.

BECU Employee

@ODONNELLA- Thanks for joining the MIX and sharing your comments here. Have you tried using "External Transfers" in your online banking? Once you establish good-standing transfer history, you're able to make next-day transfers that way between your accounts at BECU and your other financial institution. Cheers, KristinA 


I am well aware of next-day transfers... I was specifically talking about instant transfers and how I don't want to have to wait simply by completing the transaction online. I don't understand why that can't be done instantly...

Community Manager

Hi @ODONNELLA, just checking in on this thread and wanted to follow up to let you know that external transfers is currently the fastest way to send money to your account at another bank or credit union online. Instant transfers isn't coming to BECU any time soon, but we'll be sure to let you know if/when it does!. Thanks, JohnS


I use to live in Seattle but live in Vancouver, Wa now. We need a BECU here not just a community of credit unions. I sometimes need to get cash, over 500.00 from my account. Usually I have to call BECU first and then use a community credit union ATM. 

Community Manager

Hi @pbell4188, thanks for sharing! I'll get this added to our list for consideration. We look at several factors when exploring new space for a location or ATM, for more details check out this article. Thanks! JohnS

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