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With the convenience of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or the recently announced Apple TV+, more people are “cutting the cord” with cable providers to the benefit of their bank account.


“Cord Cutters” Save Big

On average, “cord cutters” saved an average of $85 a month, including the amounts spent for internet service and streaming service subscriptions with the added benefit of not being locked into a contract.


Are you dying to watch shows like Game of Thrones? Did you know many streaming platforms partner with premium channels like HBO and Showtime and provide their content at a discounted rate? This is yet another way where cutting the cable cord can help you save money.


What to Do With Your Extra Cash

Once you’ve made the switch and begun to see the savings, the real question becomes, what to do with this extra cash?


You can keep some of your savings to pay for occasional subscriptions to other services for a month to binge watch a particular series or two, or BECU Members can also set up an automatic savings plan for the difference to go right into savings, which is a win-win!


What are you going to binge watch?


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Except the growing number of network owned channels is changing the landscape and making streaming just as expensive as cable.


We cut the cord — and hurt ourselves: How the dream of cheap streaming TV imploded

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