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There’s no doubt the payments industry has grown significantly in the past few years and continues to accelerate. We’re excited for what’s on the horizon and plans we have in motion to bring you improved and speedier payment functionality.


And yes, first, let’s just clear the air around Android and Samsung Pay for debit cards. Although both are supported with your BECU credit card, we’re behind, we know it. And we feel your pain as we’ve continued to run into ongoing system constraints, processor agreement delays, and a bunch of other stuff we won’t bore you with here. But, we’re plugging along, promise.


Thanks for hanging in there with us; let’s talk about what’s coming in 2017!


For those of you who travel, we’re certain you’ll be happy to hear we’re eliminating the 1% fee on international purchases and ATM withdrawals on our debit cards. We’re curious if you already use your BECU debit card for travel, and does this change make you more likely to use your BECU debit card for international travel? We hope so, especially since we already eliminated the foreign transaction fees on the BECU credit card last year. Pack your bags, and bring your BECU debit and credit cards!


In other exciting news, we’re working through the details for real-time person to person payments, so no more waiting days for money to get moving! Do you use a service like Venmo, SquareCash, or PayPal currently? If a similar, even better service was offered through BECU available in the Mobile App and Online Banking (and for FREE we might add!), would you switch? If not, why not?


Lastly, we’re all about our BECU community so we’re very interested in building a way to reward our members who shop at our business members’ merchant locations. Would you be more willing to “shop local” within the BECU network of businesses if an incentive was provided to do so? If so, what types of incentives and for how much would encourage you?


We’re motivated to keep bringing you payments enhancements to suit your life, share your experiences below for how we can come along with you.


From my personal perspective...

  • Removal of international fees definitely makes me more likely to use BECU cards when abroad.  I appreciate this change!
  • I would completely switch to a BECU person to person payment system if it were free and as good or better than the likes of PayPal!
    • Would this only work member to member, or would it be free for me to send a payment to a non-member (or them to me) through the same system as long as one of us is a member?
    • I ask because I do a lot of business with people who are not BECU members (out of state or just not willing to accept how much better things can be) and thus would still have to rely on PayPal for those transactions if both sides must be BECU members... though I would still use it for member to member transactions if that were the only free option.
  • I prefer to shop local already, and having a method to knowingly identify and support BECU member businesses, AND be rewarded for doing so?  That's just awesome.  I'm all for it!


Thanks for continuing to push to make the member experience even better!

BECU Employee

@fremast- Thanks for sharing your perspective and for your questions! Our P2P solution will work outside of our BECU member base (and will still be free!) and bonus -  if the other person is using their bank’s mobile app/online banking they won’t have to download any additional app/software (unlike venmo and paypal). We're stoked, and we hope you are too! Cheers, KristinA 



Sounds seriously fantastic to me; I'm beyond stoked!

Thanks for the additional info!


I'd definitely use an improved P2P payment system. I'm using PopMoney now to send money to my daughter in college, but the 3 day delay for free transfers is annoying. I've used Square, PayPal, and Google Wallet in the past.


I'm currently using Android Pay occasionally with a non-BECU MasterCard (from REI). Not sure if I'd use it with the BECU debit card, but it would be nice to have the option. I think Android Pay just added the ability to switch cards at payment time.


Love the idea of an incentive to shop local BECU-related businesses.



BECU Employee

@Davepar- Thanks for sharing your feedback! Is your daughter a BECU member by chance? If so, I may be able to offer a quicker alternative solution to send her money. Message me if you'd like additional info. Cheers, KristinA 


No, she has US Bank. I signed her up for an account there years ago before I realized how wonderful BECU is. Robot Happy


Really would like to know some sort of vague ETA (like within a month, 3 months, a year, etc.) for the Samsung/Android Pay to know if I should open another account with a bank that has this figured out or not. I like a lot of other things about BECU but this issue is inconvenient and just not keeping up with the times of how people use money. Sad to say I'm about ready to pull the plug :/

Community Manager

Hey @tylr_r, I understand where you're coming from, for sure! We've deliberately been vague about the launch for Samsung/Android Pay because we don't want to promise something and then break your heart because we couldn't meet the deadline. We hope to have Samsung/Android Pay rolled out sometime in 2017 and as always we want you to do what's best for you and we hope you'll stay with us to see it happen. Please don't pull the plug yet!


I joined BECU exclusively because I was told that Samsung Pay was available by the rep.  Disappointed to find out that it in fact did not work with Debit Card.  BECU had announded in end of 2015 that it would be setup in early 2016, then slipped to later in 2016 now you say sometime in 2017.  I can't believe that it's that difficult to get it setup.  I use my WF card with Samsung pay at locations that don't have chip enabled devices.  It works great on the older mag stripe machines.


What about Text banking?  Is that something that is in the near future.  I like being able to send a text message to check balances on my accounts and also being able to transfer money between them.  I use the BECU app currently but it is slow to log in and sometimes when signal is not that strong like inside stores, text messages get through better.

BECU Employee

@Rmatt- Thanks for joining the MIX and sharing your feedback. We're not currently planning for SMS/Text Banking, you can read more about it in this idea thread here. We're looking forward to some great digital offerings this year, thanks for hanging in there with us. And please keep sharing your ideas on how we can continue to improve the mobile app. Cheers, KristinA 


Iv'e got to say that this ridiculous. I Love BECU and really enjoy banking with you guys. But you guys need to get your stuff together. The Mobile app is buggy. Despite you constantly updating it. The lack of mobile payment for Android users is unacceptable. Android has the largest foot print in the mobile world and we've been waiting for almost 2 years now. I got my Samsung Galaxy S7 because of Samsung Pay. I hate the quality of the Iphone and and the app selections on the Windows phones are abysmal at best. You guys need to get this fixed now. It's pretty sad when smaller credit unions and banks have this worked out and you guys still have not made it available.

Community Manager

Hey @RowanDkWd, thanks for joining the conversation! We know how important Android/Samsung Pay is for our Android users and I totally understand that further delays are frustrating; it's not our goal to cause heartburn. We'd love to flip the switch and turn on this functionality, but as @KristinA mentioned above, there are other factors at play which are impacting things. Thanks for hanging in there with us - we'll get it sorted out. JohnS 


Any ETA for Android/Samsung Pay for Debit cards yet? All BECU employees who I asked this to kept avoiding my question. I've been let down by all the previous ETA's as well. Really looking foward to Samsung Pay within a few months. 

BECU Employee

@Emanuel- Thanks for your question and for joining the conversation, there's an idea thread about Samsung Pay here.


We realize the delays and missed ETAs are frustrating which is why we're not yet ready to share any updated timeline. Be on the lookout here, we'll share news as soon as we have it. Cheers, KristinA 


I would ABSOLUTELY use my card more if you eliminated the fee.  I travel a great deal and it is a hassle right now to save myself that money. I wind up buying currency for a local bank (p.s. can you find a way to sell currency to members that doesn't involve us coming into a BECU branch?) here in Maryland to try and save money on foreign transaction fees.  If you eliminated your fee, I would 100% stop doing that and just buy through you.


I've used POP money for years to deal with my needs, but I've run into a lot of problems with it.  The interface is wonky and there is some kind of glitch that I haven't been able to get resolved to add more payees.  So I would ABSOLUTELY appreciate an improved way to send money to peers.  

As a member who lives on the East Coast, I would love to shop local.  Perhaps I could get free shipping from local businesses as a BECU member so that I could patronize those shops without being penalized for being so far?

BECU Employee

@andreamdwa- Thanks for joining in the discussion and hello from the West Coast! The fee elimination is definitely still in the works and coming later this year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the other enhancements we're working on.... it will be worth the wait! Cheers, KristinA 

BECU Employee

Hey all, I wanted to provide you with some additional details around the complexity of the fee elimination- it's still in development. 


The 1% MasterCard foreign/international transaction fee is complex and made up of two different fees;

  • one of which is automatically bundled with the purchase amount as a means of “currency conversion” (i.e. from Euro to US Dollar) - .20%
  • the other being a “cross-border” fee  - .80%  

 Here’s an example:

 Debit foreign transaction fee assessed at 1% on $100 purchase

 $.20 Currency Conversion + $.80 Cross Border Fee = $1.00 foreign transaction fee


Given how the fees are assessed separately, we’re currently determining the best approach for the fee handling ensuring a full elimination with the least amount of impact to our members. At this point, it will likely entail a straight elimination of the cross-border fee, and a next-day rebate of the currency conversion fee.


This is a unique offering that we’re very excited to bring to our membership, thanks for your patience, it will be worth the wait! Cheers, KristinA 


So is this ever going to happen? We are looking at almost 5 months past the ETA you gave us.

Community Manager

Hey @RowanDkWd We know it’s been a long wait. We’re actively in development to bring you Android/Samsung Pay. Stay tuned here for updates. JohnS

BECU Employee

Good morning everyone! I'm happy to share that Samsung/Android Pay is now available for your BECU debit card. Read more about the update on the Samsung Pay idea thread here. Cheers, KristinA 


I'm happy to say that i have successfully setup my Samsung pay.  Yay. thanks

Community Manager

You bet @Rmatt! Thanks for hanging in there with us! Enjoy! JohnS

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