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We know our members are busy and adventurous. You travel here, you travel there, you travel everywhere! And finally, you have the ability to set up and manage your own travel notifications right within Online Banking.


This puts the control in your hands and helps support the monitoring safe-guards we have in place, especially when using your BECU debit and credit cards while travelling.


No more having to remember to call while we’re open, or sending a secure message to notate your account; that’s a pain, and we heard you. Thanks @1Goofyidea for posting the idea in the MIX!


Here’s a peek at where to find it in Online Banking, along with a couple tips, so you’ll be a pro in no time:

Travel Notes Pic.png











Good to know tips:


  • You can set up one notification at a time, and include multiple destinations
  • Travel notifications can be set for up to 90 days
  • Travel notifications can be set within 60 days of the travel date
  • You can select which cards are covered by the travel notification
  • If you need to set more than one travel notification at a time, you’re still welcome to call us or send a Secure Message

Bon Voyage!


When you design a new format for atm withdrawals as you did recently, suggest you send an email to members with an explanation how to withdraw with ease.Herron88


Thanks, JohnS, for showing me where to find the Travel Notification forms. I may be traveling later this year or early next, so this is so good to know.


And another thank you to the Mix for submitting the idea!

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