New ‘Manage Your Debit Card’ feature is now live in Online Banking

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We are pleased to announce that members with either consumer or business debit or ATM cards can now take care of all debit card-related tasks quickly and easily with the Manage Your Debit Card feature. Log in to Online Banking, (please note, this feature is only available through a browser and isn’t yet available through the mobile app), select Account Services and choose a task, including:

  • Activate a newly issued or re-issued debit card[1]

Now you can activate a debit card anywhere, any time. Just log into online banking.


  • Change or select your PIN(s)

There is no need to call or go into a branch to reset your PIN. It’s easy to take care of it online.


  • Pause or un-pause your debit card[2]

If you’ve left your debit card behind and you’re confident that it’s not at risk of being lost or stolen, you can pause it online to block new purchases. You can easily un-pause the block when you and your card are reunited.


  • Set Travel Notifications[3]

Packing your bags? You can quickly and easily send a travel alert to let us know you’ll be using your debit card while you’re away. It’s a fast, easy way to help avoid any interruption with your transactions.


If you have any questions regarding your debit card, you can find more information on our FAQ or give us a call at 1 (800) 233-2328.


[1] Only activate the card after you have possession.

[2] Recurring transactions may still process while the debit card is paused. BECU is not responsible for any fees that may result from recurring transactions that do or do not process as a result of a paused debit card.

[3] Departure date can't be more than 60 days from the date of initial reporting. Only one digital travel alert can be set during the same time period. If the trip is longer than 90 days, or, if there are multiple account holders traveling at once (e.g., your spouse is on a business trip while the rest of the family heads to Mexico), please reach us by phone or via a secure message.

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