NFC and ATM Location Requests

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We get requests all the time for NFC and ATM locations, and we really do listen. Every suggestion received gets logged for review and added to any existing requests for similar locations.


We assess existing NFC locations and the current markets we serve on an annual basis and wanted to bring some transparency to a few of the considerations we evaluate when adding a new location:


  • Necessity to relieve pressure on current locations in the area
  • Market data of target area such as demographics and population density
  • How well other Financial Institutions are doing in the area and take into account if there is an unmet need we can fill
  • As well as finding properties that fit our BECU brand and have good access and visibility

In addition, when looking at potential ATM locations, we consider:


  • Necessity to relieve pressure on current ATM locations
  • Existing member density and potential for future member growth
  • Proximity to our core market areas
  • Access to CO-OP or other Surcharge Free ATMs within the market
  • Cost/Benefit in relation to the overall membership
  • Availability of ATM sites that meet our requirements:
    • Good access from a traffic perspective
    • Good visibility
    • Location has the space required for the ATM
    • Reasonable ability to get utilities to the ATM site

You can read more about upcoming ATM enhancements in an earlier article here, and we’re looking forward to serving these neighborhoods with new locations coming later this year and into 2018:


  • West Seattle
  • Seattle Hill
  • North Spokane
  • Wallingford
  • Greenwood
  • Downtown Seattle

Hi!  I moved from west side to central Washington.  I then got a loan through you guys.  I know we have 1 shared branch here in Yakima but it would be nice if BECU was here.  Your rates are awesome!  And you guys are great to work with. 

Community Manager

Welcome to the MIX community @allysilk! Congrats on the move and new loan! We appreciate the shout out and I'm glad you're benefiting from our great rates! You're right though, there's only one partner credit union in Yakima - WSECU. As we continue to grow, you never know where we'll end up, so be sure to stay tuned here for updates. Thanks again for posting, have a great weekend! JohnS


Rainier Valley/Beacon Hill are sorely missing out on an NFC.

Community Manager

Thanks @dranore, we'll get this added to the list for consideration. JohnS

there are currently Only One drive up ATM in Bonney Lake Clear at one end of the town and nothing at the other end is there a way to put another ATM somewhere in the Target or Walmart parking lot
Community Manager

Hi @Brenda, thanks for the suggestion! As always we'll keep you in the loop on any upcoming ATM additions! Thanks, JohnS


I think there is a lack of ATM access in certain locations around Lakewood, and South Tacoma. More ATM's would not only increase accessibility for our members, but would in ways encourage new members to sign on with BECU.

Community Manager

Good morning, @Patrickmartinjr We always have an eye out for new, convenient locations, so thanks for sharing! Also we're part of a robust network of partner ATMs, so there's a good chance there may be one in the areas you mentioned. You can find surcharge-free ATM's by searching our website. Thanks! JohnS

It would be great to have a BECU branch in Ellensburg Wa 98826!
Community Manager

Hi @Cplatz, welcome to the MIX! We're always exploring new areas to add to our network of branches and we'll keep you posted with any new developments in your area. Thanks! JohnS


I would like to see a BECU ATM in Uptown Gig Harbor.  The other drive up CU that is there is very unreliable.  Most of the time it either can't accept cash or checks or out of serviced.  Recenlty it took cash and the machine shut down.  I am having a hard time clearing up that transaction now.  I was hoping that BECU would be represented at the new Fred Meyer shopping center.



It would be wonderful if you put an ATM in downtown Arlington. There is only one at Smokey Point on the Arlington side and with the growth occuring in and around our city I'm sure a second ATM that is located in downtown would be beneficial to your customers.


Open a satellite BECU in north Everett. Somewhere between 41st and Rucker north to Everett Ave & Rucker. Near the 98201 zip code. There is no conveient BECU banking between the Evergreen location and the I5 & Exit 206 location. PLease open something in the middle. Why was the ATM at the Rite Aid on Evergreen removed?

Community Manager

Thanks for sharing @deborakay!  We recently introduced a new member benefit that refunds ATM fees up to $6 per month for Member Advantage Members, which is really convenient when you need to use an ATM and a BECU machine isn't near. For more info on that program, please click here. If you have any questions, please let me know. JohnS


Please consider adding either a branch or ATM somewhere on Aurora or Greenwood between 125th & 155th.  The closest branch is currently on Northgate Way near Roosevelt.  The shopping areas at 130th & Aurora would be ideal.

Community Manager

Hi @hdaveno. We consider several variables when looking to expand our ATM and branch locations. We do have a few partner credit unions in the 98201 zip code that you can use when you need to. You can find those locations by searching our site for "partner credit unions" using the 98201 zip code.


Earlier this year, we announced that our ATM partnership with Rite Aid would be coming to an end on July 31, 2018. Starting then, members would no longer see BECU-branded ATMs inside Rite Aid stores. This decision was made in part because we had previously introduced new ATM fee refunds for Member Advantage members. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. JohnS


Those of us in Enumclaw would love to have a financial center here. Auburn, Bonney Lake and Maple Valley are extremely inconvenient and the ATMs here always have lines.
Wells Fargo closed their branch here. Plenty of room to move into!

Also, quite a few BECU employees work at BECU already, would love to have a way to shorten their commutes.

Community Manager

Hi @LatigoLiz. Welcome to the MIX community and thanks for sharing your idea for a new location in Enumclaw. We'll be sure to update you with any new developments. Thanks! JohnS


Those of us in SE King County would love to see one in Enumclaw. We're a bit of an island out here and our BECU ATMs constantly have lines at the busy times of the day. We dilike having to go to Auburn, Bonney Lake and Maple Valley for in-person services. And Wells Fargo just vacated, so there is a spot available to move into I am guessing.

And we have quite a few BECU employees that would also love to have a Financial Center to call home or to use as a drop station for telecommuting work.


Thanks JohnS!

Community Manager

You bet, @LatigoLiz! Have a great day! JohnS

There is always a long line for the only ATM in town. Please put in another one!!!!
Community Manager

Hi @Jami45

Thanks for adding your support for this location.  - Reiners


The greater Rainier Valley has a lack of financial service centers, particularly along convenient transit routes. One of the light rail stations (Othello, Columbia City, Mount Baker) would be very convenient locations to serve residents of South Seattle.


Consider opening at least one branch in Vancouver, WA. We have a Boeing site within 25 miles of here (Gresham, OR). It is a huge hassle to have to travel to at least Lacey in order to do any banking which cannot be handled online. In fact, this resulted in our opening an account at another credit union due to the close proximity. 

Hi there 🌈 I live in Tacoma. There are only 2 branches in this area. One is on the far West side of town, technically in University Place, I believe, and the other is far North. Tacoma is huge. It would be great to have a branch more centralized. The Tacoma Mall area would be sweet. I realize that there are ATM locations scattered across town, but I feel safer using the machines inside your lobbies and frequently need to do business that requires human help. Thank you for your consideration. 💐

There are no BECU ATMs in Lakeland Hills or around Lake Tapps. You have to go to either Auburn or Bonney Lake. Lakeland Hills is a very popular area and half of Lake Tapps would benefit from placing an ATM in this area.

There is no convenient BECU for Port Townsend, the nearby islands such as Whidby and Mercer, or the towns west of PT such as Sequim and Port Angeles. The closest branch is in Silverdale and that is a long trip for any of these locations.

Port Townsend would be a natural central location for these locations. The courthouse and county seat are here and it is easily accessable both to the islands and to the western cities. Also, many thousands of people visit Port Townsend for the nearly weekly festivals we have here! You can bet a lot of those people are BECU members as well!

Now, in PT, all we have available to us is an unsafe outdoor, outdated ATM of a non-BECU credit union. There are SO MANY things that cannot be done at this ATM. Also, none of us over here have the opportunity to participate in your events. An example is your upcoming shredding event!

There are actually a LOT of BECU members over here! Please consider putting a financial center branch here in Port Townsend.
Community Manager

Hi @Winniwoman, welcome to the MIX and thank you for your thoughtful feedback! We're always exploring new areas to add to our network of branches and we'll definitely keep you posted with any new developments in the Port Townsend area. Thanks! JohnS

Lakewood needs a walk in branch. Currently you have to drive all the way down 512 to Puyallup or out to North Tacoma 6th Ave or Univeristy Place. There are no actual branches anywhere else in Tacoma. The folks of Spanaway, Parkland, Lakewood, South Tacoma, East Tacoma and Ft. Lewis/McChord sure would appreciate it . As it stands, it's nearly impossible to get to the Puyallup or North Tacoma locations before they close after getting off of work. This results in the insanity I witness Saturday's. There are literally DOZENS of people waiting to be seen. Another branch in Lakewood would help a great deal. If not for the ability to use Sound Credit Union (for what I can do there) I'd bank elsewhere soley due to this issue. Thanks for listening!
Community Manager

Hi, @Tmangosing Thanks for your thoughtful feedback! I'm glad to hear you use Sound Credit Union for some of your banking needs. If we have any new developments in this area, we'll be sure to let you know. Have a great evening! JohnS 


With the amount of members in South King County, and Pierce County, wouldn't it be smart to have a LIVE branch(Not just a Community Center) down in the Federal Way/Fife area??

With traffic getting worse in Southcenter, it would help members alot.

I know it has to be cost effictive, has a survey benn done that I'm not aware of??




13,600 businesses, supporting Boeing. Why isn't BECU at each supporting business location? 


I’d definitely also welcome a branch office in the University District! Thousands of students and employees would make this a highly visited office. There used to be one on the Ave years ago, if I recall correctly... 




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