Mobile App Update

BECU Employee

The latest mobile app release coming by early August includes new in-app tips to help you get the most out of your BECU app experience. You can tap the “?” icon next to the main menu icon and the new tips will guide you to learn more about functionality you may not have been aware of.


Tapping the icon guides you through several tips relevant to the screen you’re viewing, including the dashboard, the camera views of the Deposit feature and also in the Accounts, Transactions, and Transaction Details screens.


There’s cool stuff to learn about in there, be sure to check it out; we’d love to hear what you think.Mobile App tip1.jpg


















Mobile App tip2.jpg


















Mobile App tip3.jpg




I would like to be able to add new payees in the bill center using the mobile app. Also would like to see payment history and all the other information I can see on the website. I can dream, right?

Community Manager

Good morning @Snale, welcome to the MIX!  Dreams do come true! Soon you'll be able to add, edit, delete and cancel payments and billers right from the app. You can check out all the new things that we'll be introducing soon in the most recent Mobile App article, here. Thanks, JohnS

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