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BECU Employee

Our BECU mobile app just keeps getting better and we hope you agree! Coming in the next couple updates are a few features we’re particularly excited about so we wanted to share them here first.


Messenger Magic!

You’ll soon be able to send us a message via the app. During the same hours that our Contact Center is open (7am-7pm M-F and Saturday 9am-1pm), you’ll receive an initial response within 15 minutes, and ongoing responses in the conversation within one hour. Question on a debit card charge? Want to increase your ATM withdrawal limit? Save the call and just message us any time!


We’re taking a phased approach with this new messenger feature to ensure we have the right level of support in place (aka enough real BECU people to actually respond to you), so we’re starting with a small percentage of mobile app users, and will then be rolling it out to larger groups of members at a time. So save yourself from the hold music and message us.


Bill Pay Party!

We wish paying bills was that much fun, but at least we’re making it easier for you to manage on the go. You’ll soon be able to add, edit, delete and cancel payments and billers right from the app.


And if you don’t yet use BECU Bill Payment at all, you’ll be able to enroll directly from your phone when the need arises.


Pay People Painlessly!

POP Money is coming to the mobile app so if you’re already a POP money user you’ll be able to send money to others directly from the app. Don’t worry, if you haven’t yet enrolled in POP money, you can do so within Online Banking, and then have access through the app as well.


If you’re asking yourself, “What about Zelle?”, you’re on top of it! Zelle is still coming to our Online Banking and Mobile App this winter. Offering POP Money within the app first is setting us (and you!) up for a smoother transition once we incorporate Zelle.


As always, share your comments below. Our mobile team is highly engaged with this MIX community and wants to hear from you!





Awesome!!! These are definitely things that I love using!! Can't wait to see them coming to Mobile Banking!

Community Manager

@jasmineaye Welcome to the MIX and thanks for sharing your excitement about these new features (we're pretty excited too). I'll be sure to share you're comments with our mobile team! Have a great day! JohnS


man I have a lot of trouble with this app personally. the ability to add/edit payees is a good step though. it would be nice if you could add a payee with just company name and your account # with that company, instead of address and all that


Have you thought about making bill pay more flexible? I just did a project for school that let users set their bill pay to "ask for permission." This gives a little control back to members so if they're not ready for money to be withdrawn, they can snooze the reminder and give permission to pay at a later time.


The idea came from interviews I did with people about banking hhabits. About half of them said they don't use bill pay for more things because they don't feel comfortable with auto withdrawals (these people were ages ~28-33). I did put this through some testing, but not a ton, and had pretty enthusiastic result.

BECU Employee

@em_nado- Thanks for sharing your idea and project experience, how cool! Was there anything to stop someone from just snoozing reminders and then the payment becomes overdue? I've talked with members personally who like to receive ebills, where they can then schedule the bill payment themselves, as opposed to having everything on autopay, which provides a bit more control than autopay. Thanks for being part of this community! Cheers, KristinA 


Awesome! If I have this feature enabled I will use it the next time I need to contact BECU.

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