Latest Mobile App Release- Coming Soon

BECU Employee

The latest release will be available soon, and along with fixing a few of those pesky crashing issues, we're also bringing you improved search options. 


Aside from searching by payee, you can now search by category and amount. Search “5” and all transactions between $5.00 and $5.99 will be shown. To display all fast food transactions just search “Fast Food” and all transactions with that category will be listed.




















You can also now see all transactions that occurred “Last Year” and “This Year to Date” by tapping “Date” in the filter menu. Filtering by “Last Year” makes it much simpler to find specific transactions when you go to file your previous year’s taxes. We know this has been a requested feature! 




















And lastly, Android users will now be able to exit the app by tapping the "back" button. Don't worry, you'll be presented with a confirmation "exit & logout" message first before ending your mobile app session. 


Keep your ideas and feature requests coming, and be sure to take the mobile feature ranking survey currently available here in the Give Us Input section of the MIX community. 


Cheers, KristinA 

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