Jump for Joy, Fees are Dropping Like Flies

BECU Employee

Last fall, we shared our goal to eliminate the foreign transaction fee on our BECU debit card and we’re so excited to have it chopped in time for those end of summer travel adventures.


Later this month, you’ll be able to use both your BECU credit and debit cards when travelling abroad, with zero foreign transaction fees!


Slightly different than the VISA credit card foreign fee, the 1% MasterCard foreign transaction fee is more complex and made up of two separate fees. What this means to you is, you’ll still see a small fee bundled with your international transaction, which will then be refunded to you within three days after the transaction posts to your account.


This is a unique offering, and one we’re very proud to share with you as another way to reduce fees and save you money; more funds freed up for the fun stuff!


In addition to eliminating the foreign transaction fee on our debit cards, we’re also kicking off efforts to refund you for ATM fees if you’re ever in a pinch and need to withdraw cash from a non-BECU or non-CoOp ATM.


We love our partner credit unions and extensive ATM network, but we want to make sure you have access to your cash on your terms, not ours, and without breaking the proverbial bank.


Details are still being worked out for this new Member Advantage benefit, and I’m sure there will be certain criteria, so be on the lookout here for more good news on the fee-front when we’re closer to having additional info to share.


We hope this has you jumping for joy, too!


Thanks for contuing to sweeten the deal, BECU!

BECU Employee

Thanks for the kudos, Dennis! Cheers, KristinA 


I will definitely tell my traveling friends about this. You may win a couple of customers in my circle of friends based on this alone.

BECU Employee

@JustMeAlone1- That's awesome, thanks for spreading the word! It's definitely a huge win for our traveling members. Cheers, KristinA 


This was the primary reason I joined BECU. Thanks for not penalizing your customers for withdrawing money while abroad.

Community Manager

Hi @gabriella36, thanks for joining! We're really excited about this too! JohnS


Thank you! I have been keeping an account in another CU just because they had a no-fee debit card for international travel. Now I can truly consolidate at BECU. 

BECU Employee

@Kyrielle- We love to hear that! Glad you're a fan and you're welcome! Cheers, KristinA 

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